xxxHOLiC Kei

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Watanuki, who is able to see the spirit world, continues to work for Yuuko at her special shop, in which anything a person desires can be theirs – for a price. Under her subtle influence, Watanuki is becoming more able to accept the burden of attracting the attention of various spirits and other worldly being; but now, he must truly understand just how NOT simple the world really is. Seeing the truth of his muddled friendships with Doumeki and Himawari will merely be the beginning; finding his own place in the world will be the goal.

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mahius's avatar by mahius on Aug 22, 2015
Score 8/10

XXXHOLiC Kei is the 13 episode sequel to the 2006 comedy, supernatural anime in the typical Japanese high-school setting. The episodic nature of this anime continues and there’s still an aspect of Japanese mythology involved. Though this sequel seems to have more of an over-lying plot dedicated to it, just because the narrative is more concentrated and interlinked in fewer episodes. The characters remain... read more

lelouchllover's avatar by lelouchllover on May 6, 2011
Score 8.2/10

XXXHolic Kei works as the continuation of the fisrt season. It spreads on 13 episodes instead of 24 like it's predecesor. It develops manga chapters from volume 8 to 13. And again, like the first season before it, it completely put aside the links with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. In the paper version, both series have important links to each other. It is startling that in the anime version you do not feel at... read more

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