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A year has passed since Jean Grey met her tragic demise, and the X-Men and Xavier Institute have yet to recover. Things change when Charles Xavier calls the disbanded mutant team back together, sending them to Japan to help find a missing girl named Hisako. But when they arrive abroad the team discovers that things are far worse than they expected: a shadowy group is abducting mutants, bringing them to secret laboratories, and an insidious, potentially fatal secondary mutation called the Damon-Hall Syndrome is spreading. Together, the X-Men must discover the truth behind these events and put a stop to the violence against mutants.

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roriconfan Jul 11, 2012
Score 3.5/10

X Men is Marvel’s third attempt at trying to milk the far eastern audience with an American derived work. Without being a diehard fan of the franchise, I have watched most of the episodes in all three cartoon adaptations, the movie versions, some scattered comic stories, as well as the other two Marvel anime. I can say that I have a grasp of the basics. Just by the first glance, X Men definitely feels... read more

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wildtygra221 May 20, 2013
Score 2/10

Being a fan of both anime and X-Men, I thought this was going to be an interesting interpretation of the clash between Western and Eastern ideals in action comics. Granted, I have seen similar takes in "Batman Gotham Knight" and "Animatrix", but I thought those did better serving as individual stories rather than a series. I commend Marvel and Madhouse taking a chance here with this... read more

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