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World Fool News

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Chuo TV is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, and with the celebration comes a changing of the guard: Ichiro Takahashi has just been transferred from an afternoon show to World Fool News, an evening news program that’s notorious for being staffed by weird employees. As Ichiro anchors his first ever broadcast alongside fellow co-worker Kanae, he interviews some truly strange individuals, and helps his eccentric colleagues solve a mystery of why plants are suddenly appearing in the office!

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
World Fool News TV TV 2014 TBD
Name Role
Yu MASHIMO Director
yuma Music

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Main Characters

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Kanae SHIMOHIRA image Kanae SHIMOHIRA heart unheart
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Secondary Characters

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Every dreadful animed title needs some other dreadful animated title to compare to.

Your eyes will hate you as you try to view these two god aweful shows, But this is how you punish them if they have been bad.

Your mind might hate you too. 

World Fool News, actually has moments that are funny, but holy hell, they must have put a team of 8 year old CG artists in charge of character designs.