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Best Coming of Age Animesby sm3xyang3l

The characters grow older throughout the anime.

Anime w/ Childrenby sm3xyang3l

Anime with main characters under 10 :>

MOVIE TIME!by sm3xyang3l

If you haven't watched these, GO WATCH THEM NOW!

Top Favo'sby Hiahusu

My personal favorites that i so far have come to like.

Top Movies 🎬by rachelhand

List of my top movies that are not studio Ghibli or part of a TV series

Animes to cryby Kessylein

Animes to cry. I had to cry at these animes. Many sad ends and many sad scenes.

ALL anime's I've ever watched! :oby KawaiiOtaku01

I'll add as soon as I finish one :3 Both series and movies c:

Anime movies I've watched ;>by KawaiiOtaku01

I'll be adding more when I see it, obviously x3