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Six years ago, a catastrophic event ravaged Tokyo. Amaha Masune was found at ground zero, physically unscathed, but without memories and with a child in her arms. Returning to Tokyo for the first time since the disaster, the slightly clumsy but cheerful Masune just wants make a new life and to raise her daughter without interference from the Child Welfare Agency. But unsolved murders are being committed all over Tokyo and a near-miss reveals her identity as the bearer of the Witchblade, a mysterious weapon linked to the disaster 6 years before, that seems to have a mind of its own. Giving in to the Witchblade seems dangerous, but when the powerful Dohji Corporation agrees to guarantee her a life together with her daughter if she works for them, can Masune pass up the chance?

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tetranoir's avatar by tetranoir on Jun 15, 2012
Score: 8/10

Witchblade, based on an American comic of the same name is, to summarize its premise, about some weird bracelet thing that doesnt come off, gives the wearer a lot of power, makes people attracted to that power, and slowly kills the wearer. However, interestingly enough, the story is not actually based on revealing on the sci-fi portion of the premise at all but on the characters instead, namely Aname... read more

Najaraja's avatar by Najaraja on Oct 11, 2009
Score: 4/10

Masane Amaha only wants one thing:  to find a place where she and her daughter Rihoko can live in peace.  Ever since the catastrophic earthquake that left virtually sank Tokyo and left Amaha with no recollection of her past and a mysterious bracelet around her wrist, trouble seems to pursue them relentlessly.  Desperate for a job and with child wellfare hot on her heels, things are looking grim... read more

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