Custom Lists

Demonsby KarinChama

A list of completed anime with demons that I want to watch.

Anime to watch to keep up with Craigby Mcr1234Rocks

Excluding ones I've started to watch but decided they weren't worth continuing. Example: Guilty Crown. Including ones I may have started watching with him but never continued to do so afterwards due to currently watching another anime at the time...

English DUB animeby GRAYKIT029

Just a hand full of English dub animes I have found!

Anime With Fanserviceby RockGodItachi

Looking for Fanservice? You've come to the right place! This list show all the Anime I've watched that includes some form of Fanservice. Be it panties, Oppai, or a flash of skin these Anime have it in them!

Great Animesby killthrill20

if you like a few on this list you will probably like the ones on this list that you havent heard of. these are all great animes and i would suggest all of them

DVD Collectionby gustminer

Anime DVD Collection