Witch Hunter Robin

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STN is a secret organization charged with capturing witches of all ages who misuse their inate ability of the Craft. Its newest recruit is a young girl named Robin, who wields the same power that she is helping to control. While skillful at their ability to detain quickly, the number of witches keeps seeming to increase, and the misuse of power grows stronger, casting a shadow of doubt as to what is really going on. For STN, there is much work ahead, and for Robin, her troubles are just beginning...

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VivisQueen Mar 5, 2011
Score 4.5/10

Having amassed all the necessary ingredients to make a grim, action-packed supernatural thriller, Witch Hunter Robin promptly drowns them in a shallow puddle of Not Much Happens. Rarely have I witnessed such pompous grey tone or such funereal voicing or so many shots of people staring mournfully at what must be the most fascinating middle-distance ever. Any spasms of action quickly default to some nondescript... read more

hamletsmage's avatar
hamletsmage Nov 1, 2014
Score 7.8/10

Have you ever heard the reviews for Final Fantasy XIII, where they say "After the first 4 hours, it's pretty good."? Witch Hunter Robin is kind of like that. After you get past the first couple episodes, you get a pretty good show.  Story: When the first 10% of an anime is slow and boring, its usually safe to say the rest will be slow and boring. Not so with Witch Hunter Robin. After the... read more



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