Wings of Honneamise

Alt title: Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

Movie (1 ep x 121 min)
3.816 of 5 from 1,743 votes
Rank #1,258

Shiro Lhadatt wanted to fly jets for the Kingdom of Honneamise's Air Force when he was young, but unfortunately he didn't get the grades he needed; instead, he enlisted in the Space Force, a tiny embryonic unit that most people haven't even heard of. Embittered and disillusioned about his lot in life, Shiro takes no interest in his training - that is, until he meets and gets to know a young woman preaching God's word on the city streets. After one inspiring conversation with her, Shiro promptly sees the light; he finds his passion for flight reinvigorated and immediately volunteers to be the pilot for his unit's first space warship! Reaching that new frontier is all well and good but Shiro still faces some major obstacles: even if launching the first space warship becomes reality, not everyone will be happy to see the Space Force succeed. Suddenly, Shiro has to grapple with the complex, far-ranging consequences of his very personal decision.

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VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on May 31, 2009
Score 8/10

Progress is indeed a wonderful thing. Nevertheless, humanity’s inexplicable desire to conquer nature comes at a cost. Do we truly better ourselves simply by dogmatically following our dreams? And is that dream worth the sacrifices we make? These are just some of the questions Wings of Honneamise throws up in the air. Moreover, it shies away... read more

MarkoSinadinovic's avatar by MarkoSinadinovic on Nov 10, 2010
Score 10/10

I always feel a sense of intimidation when reviewing something that's a. critically acclaimed; or b. considered a "classic". Just my luck that Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise happens to be both. With my younger brother's incessant warnings about falling asleep in mind, I watched the two-hour spectacle unfold. There's so much riding on this title. Renowned film critic Roger Ebert is all praises... read more

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