White Album 2

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Third-year student and guitarist Haruki Kitahara wants nothing more than his Light Music Club to play at his upcoming, final school festival. But soon, the other members quit, and Haruki resigns himself to playing one last solo jam session in the now-empty practice room. As he strums the chords of his favorite song "White Album", Setsuna, the school idol with an amazing voice, and Touma, an extraordinarily talented pianist, suddenly join the performance from an adjacent classroom and atop the roof, and Haruki becomes determined to keep the club going. Though one of the girls would rather avoid the spotlight and the other is a loner, Haruki’s passion wins them over and they agree to join. Now, with the performance date fast approaching, the trio spends all of their time together practicing, learning the joys of friendship, and the heartache that comes from falling in love with the same person...

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  • White Album image

    Episode 1

    White Album

  • Piano and Guitar, Side by Side image

    Episode 2

    Piano and Guitar, Side by Side

  • The Light Music Club, Together Again image

    Episode 3

    The Light Music Club, Together Again

  • Sound of Destiny image

    Episode 4

    Sound of Destiny

  • Touching Hearts image

    Episode 5

    Touching Hearts

  • Before the Fair image

    Episode 6

    Before the Fair

  • The Last and Greatest Day image

    Episode 7

    The Last and Greatest Day

  • And Winter Finally Begins image

    Episode 8

    And Winter Finally Begins

  • Two Hearts Passing image

    Episode 9

    Two Hearts Passing

  • Until the snow melts and then falls again... Part 1 image

    Episode 10

    Until the snow melts and then falls again... Part 1

  • Until the snow melts and then falls again... Part 2 image

    Episode 11

    Until the snow melts and then falls again... Part 2

  • Graduation image

    Episode 12


  • A Love That Cannot Be image

    Episode 13

    A Love That Cannot Be

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haize78's avatar by haize78 on Nov 6, 2014
Score 6/10

I've just finished watching White Album 2 and I felt very much like trying to write a review. So here I am and this is my very first review :-) Ok, so this isn't a masterpiece. But if you like romance anime, I think it's a pretty good choice. I wasn't very excited by the initial episodes. It honestly seemed just like another mediocre and cliched romance set in a high school. If you aren't a newbie to the anime... read more

jv4ever's avatar by jv4ever on May 16, 2016
Score 8.1/10

For a video review, check out my Youtube channel. Link on my profile page. This is part 2 of a 2 part review of the White Album franchise. So after the boringness of WA I still had my hopes up for WA2 since it had higher ratings and I read everywhere that it was way better than the first anime. Positive *My first positive point is the same one as in my WA album review being that also in WA2 the music and... read more

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