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Custom Lists

Anime for anybodyby sub309

New to anime? Want to try out an easy random series? Here's your list. Not in any order

Funny animeby sub309

Anime that I find really funny. Not in order

Must Watch Animeby sub309

List of anime that I believe any anime fan should watch or try. Not in order


This list doesn´t mean than this are the BEST animes ever, but they are the best than i've seen in my own opinion. Esta lista no significa que estos sean los MEJORES anime, pero son los mejores que vi desde mi punto de vista.

Re-watchby Ekkaphanh

No specific order. Just good animes to me.

Anime with Good English Dubsby unidentified

I know the dub vs sub debate is a heated one, but here are my personal favourite dubs. That's not to say I necessarily prefer watching each of these anime dubbed; these are just ones I found enjoyable in either language.

Anime Starter Kitby unidentified

These are anime I think can be enjoyed by people who don't know much about anime or Japanese culture, or who may be reluctant or confused about it all. All of these anime have English dubs, which I think can help someone get used to the style of...

Ultimate Favourites/Recommendationsby unidentified

A list of all the anime I love and would rewatch. These are also the ones I would most highly recommend out of all the anime I have watched.