Weiss Survive

TV (16 eps x 3 min)
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Takeshi was just an ordinary guy until a perfectly innocent study session with Michi - the most beautiful girl in the school - ended up with him being mysteriously transported into the strange dimension known as the Weiss Schwarz Battle Space. Once there, a crazy but enthusiastic old man informs him that he is the chosen warrior and must win a succession of card battles to get back home. The only problem: he doesn't know how to play! However, with the expert Michi ready to teach him the ins and outs of this bizarre and improbably slapstick card game, Takeshi will learn the ropes and get ready for the card battle of a lifetime. Assuming he survives the training...

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mahius's avatar
mahius Sep 27, 2014
Score 4/10

Weiss Survive is based on a real life card game going by the name of Weiss Schwarz (translates to white black in German). So in other words, this is another card game anime? The 16, very short episodes total roughly 40 minutes and the anime is of course themed on card battle, ecchi and comedy (at least it tries to). For 40 minutes, it seems to have a straightforward story, but is it worth that time? ...Eh, it's... read more

Marceus's avatar
Marceus Nov 12, 2011
Score 4/10

Nope, no cardgames on motorcycles here. Disappointing, I know... Story: Two kids are sent to some strange world for no particular reason and they have to play a silly cardgame... yeah, that's pretty much it. This would be okay except that the cardgame itself makes no goddamn sense so all the action was a huge letdown. I guess it could be trying to parody card game anime but if that's the case then it's not... read more

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Weiss Survive R
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  • 2009 - 2010



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