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At the Kokumondo book store, Suzuri will do whatever it takes to find the most rare and historic artifacts for his customers – in fact, the man has just procured a tale of a terrifying spider monster who ate the men of a village one by one. But when Suzuri's assistant Mizuki opened the book, little did the two know that the monster herself would be unsealed from the pages, nor that she'd be an adorable little girl!

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Bestanimeserie Mar 1, 2016
Score 7/10

*Note that my review has a minor spoiler(the same one that can be read in the synopsis)
An anime short by the young animator project that quite suprised me, personally I really enjoyed watching this show, I am quite a fan of horror-genre shows and espcially the ones that keep you wondering what might happen to the story. This show was watched with the Daily Anime Marathon Club Story - Score: 6.5 The... read more

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WolfAngelus Nov 18, 2016
Score 4/10

My major disappointment comes in the form of where was the horror to this? There is a horror tag but a person falling into a lake that we assume is eaten by the monster in it but none of that show so don't expect anything horror about this for those who are looking for horror material. For the actual 25 minute "movie" it starts off in a cute/funny and weird mashup. This involves 2 characters until... read more



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