Voices of a Distant Star

Alt title: Hoshi no Koe


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Favorite animéby uno90showbiz

Favorite animé; series and movies. Only the top 20 of this list is ordered.

Anime moviesby jv4ever

A ranking of all the anime movies I've seen

Impressive Animationby CaptainTiga

Here a list of anime that i saw with polished, unusual, creative or just beautiful animation in no particular order.

Mecha Shows You Need to Seeby TheGreatMoof

A list of my favorite mecha anime, including some obscure classics that seem to have fallen betweem the cracks.

100 Anime Challenge (2014)by Izelyca

Only exclusive to anime/OVA/movies that has been marked as "Watched" in 2014. | Anime: 40 | Movies: 18 | OVAs: 23 | Short Series: 8