Virus Buster Serge

TV (12 eps)
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In the year 2090, an event known as Black Valentine changed the world forever. Now, the year is 2097 and Neo Hong Kong is being invaded by a mysterious virus that can infect both man and machine, and has only two side effects: mutation and death. Mankind's only protection is STAND -- a group of armor-wearing tough guys (and girls) whose mission is to destroy the virus at all costs. Enter Serge, a troubled young man who is on a mission for revenge against one of STAND's finest. When their two worlds collide, one thing is clear: Neo Hong Kong will never be the same!

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AverageJoseph Mar 9, 2014
Score 4/10

Virus Buster Serge is an underrated and rather unknown Manga anime series that has somehow been skipped over by many into the genre. It seems hardly anybody has heard about it or at least seen it all which is a shame really as it has many (positive & negative) talking points. The whole 'cyborgs are causing chaos and destruction whilst merging with human tissue' concept may sound rare and insane but the look... read more



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