Violinist of Hamelin Movie

Alt titles: Hamelin no Violin Hiki Movie

Movie (1 ep x 30 min)
2.526 out of 5 from 110 votes
Rank #4,199
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While on their quest to stop the Demon King, the violinist Hamel, the pianist Raiel, the magess Flute and the female warrior Sizer stop in a small kingdom and destroy a rampaging monster. While giving the four a heroes' welcome, the king and queen explain that their daughter has been kidnapped by a monster living in a nearby castle. They agree to go and rescue the hostage princess and defeat the monster. However, the enemy's castle is heavily guarded....

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Buwahaha's avatar by Buwahaha on Sep 27, 2012
Score: 2/10

It's only about 30 minutes long.  So if you just want to have everything for Violinist of Hamelin watched, go for it.  But it really has nothing to do with the story at all.  Though it is the only thing that is completely animated.  If you've seen the series then you'd understand.  Hamel's character is silly and cartoonish in this movie.  Nothing like his character in the... read more

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