Violence Jack 3: Hell's Wind

OVA (1 ep x 55 min)
1.91 of 5 from 354 votes
Rank #5,715

After a massive earthquake rocked the Kanto region of Japan, the landscape remains decimated and towns of survivors are few and far between. One settlement dubbed ‘Hope Town' has previously been kept safe from invaders and danger, but one day the infamous Hell's Wind biker gang rolls into town. Known for being brutal and merciless, they quickly lay waste to the buildings, capture all of the townspeople and get set to rape a woman named Keiko. However, at the last second a badly-scarred, battle-hardened Jun appears; Hell's Wind previously had captured her and her boyfriend, viciously murdered her love and raped and left her for dead. Now, Jun and an unlikely companion - the giant Violence Jack - will try to put a stop to Hell's Wind and rescue Keiko!

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