Violence Jack 2: Evil Town

OVA (1 ep x 59 min)
1.848 out of 5 from 357 votes
Rank #5,474

Six months ago, a massive earthquake sunk a massive Japanese city into the ground, burying it from the outside world. The survivors split themselves into three groups: A, with normal salarymen; B, with criminals and lunatics led by the towering Mad Saurus; and C, an all-female group. However, once food supplies began to dwindle the once-kind men of the A group brutally gang-raped the women of the C group, causing the ladies to seal themselves up deep within the ruins. Now, the A group is working towards digging their way to the surface when they unearth Violence Jack, a massive giant. Though the A group wants Jack to help defend them against the B group, he ultimately chooses to protect the C group against all of the others. A bloody civil war approaches - will anyone escape alive?

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Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Aug 18, 2011
Score: 2/10

Story: I thought this was Hell Bomber, or Harem Bomber. Harlem- whatever. Not Evil Town, which is what the location is called and not just the OVA. It's stupid indeed but it's quite accurate. The synopsis gives a surprisingly lengthy description of the anime but to sum it up: Violence Jack is freed, protects group C and kills a lot of people. That's about it apart from more violence and rape, but it's to be... read more

Varagauzer's avatar by Varagauzer on Apr 14, 2012
Score: 8/10

Story Violence Jack just wanted to be a fist of the north star so badly they were bold enough to ripoff the story of fist of the north star.And what a terrible job they did at it too, an earthquake hits the world is turned into a wasteland and barbarians run all about, that's Violence Jack's way of cheaply imitating fist of the north star, in fist of the north star the world was turned into a wasteland by a... read more

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