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Viewtiful Joe

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2.057 out of 5 from 500 votes
Rank #4,719


Joe and Sylvia were watching a movie about the legendary superhero Captain Blue one day, when something unexpected happened: a monster reached through the movie screen and plucked Sylvia away! The giant robot Six Machine then grabs Joe and transports him to the other world as well, where Captain Blue gives him the ability to transform into a fantastic superhero! Joe, as the unstoppable fighting machine Viewtiful Joe, will do his best to save Silvia and put a stop to the bad guys that stand in his way.


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Name Role
Yukiko OOHASHI Character Design
Takaaki ISHIYAMA Director
Takehiko GOKITA Music
Yuusuke HAYASHI Music

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daxger daxger 185 May 1, 2011
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Viewtiful Joe and Panty & Stocking have a very unique visual style that can't be ignored. While the plots aren't entirely similar, if you appreciated the visuals of one, check out the other.

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