Vexille: 2077 Isolation of Japan

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In the year 2047, the invaders came without warning, annihilating most of humanity in days. And while the survivors banded together to form a new world government to combat the threat, by 2053, mankind's outlook is bleak. Now, in a final desperate attack, hope lies only with a soldier who lost his father in the invasion, and a weapon more powerful than belief.

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valondar valondar says...

Plot? Who needs plot when you've got CGI?

Vexille and Planzet provide fully CGI anime, although their plots are nothing more then a mishmash of science fiction action cliches - in Planzet's case, very obviously the plot of a Gundam movie (and a pastiche of mecha in general), while Vexille's influences are cyberpunk and the Matrix. Pretty much you get CGI sci-fi action that's empty and forgettable, but if you watched one for that, the other also provides.