Very Private Lesson

OVA (2 eps x 40 min)
2.065 of 5 from 389 votes
Rank #6,089

Tairaku is a teacher who wants nothing more than to bed his co-worker, Miss Satsuki, but his priorities soon change upon meeting daughter-of-the-mob Aya Shirakaba! With a reward of 100 million yen upon her graduation, Tairaku is strongarmed into the position of babysitter by the mob boss himself, under the condition that he protect his young lass from any who would harm her. Unfortunately for Tairaku, more than one street punk and classmate wants to get in Aya's pants, willing or not! Can Tairaku keep Aya's virginity intact, lest he find himself sleeping with the fishes?

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sothis Jan 1, 2005
Score 3/10

Although the name would suggest it (as well as the screenshots), Very Private Lesson is in fact not hentai. It's ecchi, that's for sure, but it isn't even THAT ecchi. We see occasional nakedness (without any nipples or such), the occasional shot of Tairaku's pants when he has a hard-on, and the occasional thing such as Aya getting groped by a fellow female classmate, but no sex or anything of the... read more

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