Venus Versus Virus

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Sumire Takahana was a once normal high school student, until one day, she picked up a mysterious brooch and began to see soul-eating demons known as Virus. Now under attack, Sumire was saved by the owner of the brooch, Lucia, and Lucia’s Vaccine-loaded gun. However, instead of shooting the Virus, Lucia accidentally shot Sumire herself, turning her into a living antivirus. Together, Sumire and Lucia will try to uncover the secrets of the Virus before they devour all of humankind.

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roriconfan Aug 28, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Ok, that was just pointless. This anime has no reason of existing other than frustrating you with the crap it has in it.
Take the most blunt action story you can think of. Some monsters plague humanity, some super chicks fighting them. Add overblown drama, shojo-ai subtext, magic eyes, some artifact that can destroy the world. Presto, you have a story. Now all you need is the talent to make something good... read more

WaffleBae's avatar
WaffleBae Feb 11, 2015
Score 9.5/10

This anime was really good! The story was good, but could be improved. This seems kinda close to magical girl and romance anime but then has its individuality with the fact that there are so many other bonds that don't rely on romance. The story line: This girl named Samire has a special power and can destroy viruses with just a touch because of the anti-body that she contains inside herself. So when she... read more

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Venus Versus Virus
  • Vol: 8; Ch: 37
  • 2005 - 2008
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