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Variable Geo

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1.868 out of 5 from 367 votes
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Yuka and Satomi have been fighting since they were little, but as adults, they are waitresses. Yuka, however, is more than just a waitress: she has joined VG (Variable Geo), a fighting organization designed to let waitresses around the world show their stuff in the fighting ring. The fighters play for millions of dollars, but the losers will be shamed by a fleshy public appearance. Satomi's little brother is sick in the hospital, and now she too must join VG and fight against her best friend Yuka to pay for his surgery. Will she succeed or become one of the shamed?

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Name Role
Takahiro KIMURA Character Design
Toru YOSHIDA Director
Harukichi YAMAMOTO Music

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Visual Novel Anime chii 276 Jun 1, 2012
Anime faden 509 Sep 10, 2011
Already Seen Mutsurini 79 Jun 27, 2011
newpath rated the Variable Geo anime 2/5 stars
newpath watched Variable Geo at 3 of 3 episodes
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Looking for tournament style fighting anime?  if you saw one of these enjoyed it, but missed the other, boy do I have news for you.

I figure you enjoy one, you'll probably like both. Neo Geo having a bit more to do with just the ladies.Sf having a bit less of the actual ring side seats, but both have plenty of punches and kicks with the occasional super powered moves/blasts in both.