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In a far and distant future, men and women have become mortal enemies. Each living on seperate planets, an interstellar war is being fought between the two very different peoples. Hibiki, a mere 3rd class worker, finds himself in the middle of a huge space battle, facing the nemesis of mankind: Womankind!

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Vandread: The Second Stage TV 2001 Sequel
Vandread Integral OVA 2001 Recap The OVA is mostly a compilation of the TV series' action sequences and has little to no filler or ecchi.
Vandread Turbulence OVA 2002 Same Franchise

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Vandread 2001 TBD
Vandread Special Stage 2002 TBD
Name Role
Kazuya KURODA Character Design
Takeshi MORI Director
Yasunori IWASAKI Music
Kazuhiko IKEGUCHI Producer
Katsuji NAGATA Producer
Shinichiro ISHIKAWA Producer

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Vandread PhdInCartoons 8/10 Feb 27, 2013
Vandread roriconfan 6/10 Aug 28, 2012
Vandread epicadventure389 9/10 May 19, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Top 100 Anime Lecremtinion 100 Jan 31, 2014
Physically Own - Animes Kazaarkat 39 Jan 10, 2014
Anime I've watched in order Audacity 73 Oct 12, 2013
IceFireXD watched Vandread at 13 of 13 episodes
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IceFireXD watched Vandread at 13 of 13 episodes
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NoFrame watched Vandread at 13 of 13 episodes

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Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline

Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline

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Both shows have Spaceships, comedy, action. some romance. if you seen one check out the other one.



The year is T.C. 4767. Four thousand years have passed since humanity abandoned its birthplace, the planet Earth. Beset by the hostile alien Gnosis, mankind is now scrambling to find ways to defeat this threat to their existence. The development of KOS-MOS (a specialized android with amazing capabilities) by Vector engineer Shion Uzuki was one response to the threat, But when their ship is destroyed by the Gnosis, Shion and her companions find themselves thrust into the middle of a battle with no clear sides...

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To continue into existence our heros must now unite as various strange creatures threaten their very right to live. In some highly animated space battling we get to see how futuristic weaponry takes on these creatures. Vandread puts more emphasis on the fighting, but it's an aspect that can't be neglected in Xenosaga as well.
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