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Vandread: The Second Stage

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3.998 out of 5 from 6,528 votes
Rank #720


The final test of Hibiki, Dita, Meia, Jura and their friends on the Nirvana draws near as the battle with their enemy's mothership approaches. In order to triumph, Hibiki will have to discover his true self, and the pilots will have to build a comradery strong enough to deploy their ultimate weapon...

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Vandread TV 2000 Prequel
Vandread Integral OVA 2001 Same Franchise
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Vandread 2001 TBD
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Name Role
Kazuya KURODA Character Design
Takeshi MORI Director
Yasunori IWASAKI Music

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Title Author Score Date
Vandread: The Second Stage HarioSagara 5/10 Aug 30, 2012
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English DUB anime GRAYKIT029 112 Jun 29, 2013
Great Animes killthrill20 112 Jun 6, 2013
Favorite Anime cursed4life 41 Jun 4, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
The Beginning of a Brand New Day Sticks 3 Sep 25, 11
Tajih rated the Vandread: The Second Stage anime 2.5/5 stars
johnnido rated the Vandread: The Second Stage anime 5/5 stars
johnnido watched Vandread: The Second Stage at 13 of 13 episodes
ichigoteguz watched Vandread: The Second Stage at 13 of 13 episodes
jojovonjo watched Vandread: The Second Stage at 13 of 13 episodes

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The year is T.C. 4767. Four thousand years have passed since humanity abandoned its birthplace, the planet Earth. Beset by the hostile alien Gnosis, mankind is now scrambling to find ways to defeat this threat to their existence. The development of KOS-MOS (a specialized android with amazing capabilities) by Vector engineer Shion Uzuki was one response to the threat, But when their ship is destroyed by the Gnosis, Shion and her companions find themselves thrust into the middle of a battle with no clear sides...

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In order to survive, our heroes must fight strange creatures which threaten their existence. Well-animated space battles show us how well futuristic weaponry works against the foes. Vandread has more of an emphasis on fighting, but it's something that can't be neglected in Xenosaga either.

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