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Vampire Princess Miyu TV

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In the human world, there live demonic invaders named Shinma who prey upon the fragile souls of humans. The only hope for the humans is one of demonkind: Miyu, who is fated to destroy the Shinma and send them back to whence they came. Although half-human herself, as well as living amongst them as a typical high school student, she bears no compassion for those she saves, as well as condemns. Along with Larva, her subservient, Miyu sets out to destroy evil, one Shinma at a time.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Vampire Princess Miyu OVA 1988 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Vampire Princess Miyu   TBD
New Vampire Princess Miyu 1992 TBD
Vampire Princess Yui: Kanonshou 2002 TBD
Vampire Princess 2009 TBD
Name Role
Megumi KADONOSONO Character Design
Toshiki HIRANO Director
Kenji KAWAI Music
Narumi KAKINOUCHI Original Manga Creator
Toshiki HIRANO Original Manga Creator
Kazunori TAKAGI Producer
Shigehito YAMAZAKI Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Vampire Princess Miyu TV darkbytes 9/10 Oct 20, 2013
Vampire Princess Miyu TV roriconfan 4/10 Jul 25, 2012
Vampire Princess Miyu TV gekoladie 8/10 Apr 12, 2011
phxjkr88 dropped Vampire Princess Miyu TV at 5 of 26 episodes
LeeCZ wants to watch Vampire Princess Miyu TV
StrawberryFiend watched Vampire Princess Miyu TV at 26 of 26 episodes
StrawberryFiend is watching Vampire Princess Miyu TV anime at 24 of 26 episodes
keinx stalled Vampire Princess Miyu TV at 3 of 26 episodes

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Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin

STN is a secret organization charged with capturing witches of all ages who misuse their inate ability of the Craft. Its newest recruit is a young girl named Robin, who wields the same power that she is helping to control. While skillful at their ability to detain quickly, the number of witches keeps seeming to increase, and the misuse of power grows stronger, casting a shadow of doubt as to what is really going on. For STN, there is much work ahead, and for Robin, her troubles are just beginning...

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Witch Hunter Robin is another dark series, which isn't as depressing as Vampire Princess Miyu, but is still one of the best new series out there. Instead of hunting rogue vampires, Robin hunts down witches using her special powers, similar to how Miyu kills her prey.

A serie i enjoyed alot, have the same sort of dark feeling i think.
Some similar themes and atmosphere, and you should enjoy the young female protagonist.

If you liked Miyu TV, you'd like WHR because they share a few similarities in plot, and the main characters have something in common.


I'll be up front with you: I hated VPM TV. It was too slow and depressing, and I felt totally unattached to any of the characters. That being said, if you did like VPM TV, I think you'd prefer the much better Witch Hunter Robin. It, like VPM TV, is episodic for the first half, but then launches into a plot extravaganza. Both series are dark and brooding, though WHR has a much more gorgeous animation style, story, and everything else.


Both series are both kind of dreary, and in the series, they both fight that which they themselves are a part of. They both have a strong, quiet female lead, and have a strong guy backing them up! Finally... they both have the same feel to them, in that the pace and tempo of the series are both very similar.

They have a few differences but for the most part, if you liked one, you will like the other!

Jigoku Shoujo

Jigoku Shoujo

Has someone done something to hurt you or the ones you love? Are you seeking revenge? Rumor has it that there’s a website that can service your needs. Titled “Hotline to Hell”, it contains a form that can be accessed only at midnight. Type in a name, and the Hell Girl will carry out your bidding – for a price. For though your appetite for revenge will be satisfied, your soul will also be condemned to hell after you die. But who is the Hell Girl, and does she care whether your revenge is justified? Apparently not, as long as she gets more souls…

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When I first watched "Jigoku Shoujo", the experience reminded me so much of "Vampire Princess Miyu" that it was almost like deja-vu. Beyond the obvious, such as the use of a young (looking) mysterious, detached, supernatural girl, whom the plot revolves around, both of these series are to anime, what doom-metal is to music. Just like doom-metal, both of them are depressing (not sad - depressing - and yes, there's a big difference) to the point where depression is in fact their most prominent and defining characteristic. Also, where doom-metal creates an atmosphere of hopelessness and despair by repeating the same droning riff, over and over, these series create the same atmosphere by repeating the same theme over and over. (If there ever was such a thing as a right way to use the "monster-of-the-week" these series have nailed it: To kill hope the same way it dies in real life - by monotonous repetition.) This is an easy recommendation to make: Fans of VPM, should watch JS, fans of JS should watch VPM, (and doom-metal fans should watch both.) ;-)

Not only are the basic plot elements of these two series similar (in that they both feature a young girl with supernatural powers obeying an all-ruling call of fate), as VMP and JG also both convey a feeling of impending darkness that touches virtually everyone involved. Episodic in nature for the most part, VMP and JG focus heavily on the darkest aspects of the human psyche while exploring limitless situations. I highly recommend VMP to JG fans and vice versa.


Episodic shows more about the individuals introduced in each story rather than each show's title character. Similar themes in the sense of both title character being the supernatural enforcers of decisions with a bit of ambiguity and inevitability. The 2 shows share near identical narrative structures, also.


Both shows are so similar in everything but one is about vampires and the other is about shinigami. Jigoku Shoujo is this generations Vampire Princess Miyu journey into fun horror episodic shows. Both anime have little plot but what is there is very interesting. Check one out if you liked the other.



In the streets of Tokyo, the nightbreed walk as humans, preying on innocent lives and feasting on innocent blood. There is one man who would put a stop to this: Shido, the Night Walker, whose blood is made up of the very thing he aims to protect against: the nightbreed. Along with his co-worker Yayoi, a green fairy named Guni and a clever young secretary named Riho, Shido and his detective agency take cases that would be otherwise missed and forgotten, to seek out the nightbreed and send them from whence they came...

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I agree with Sothis on this one.The parallels between Vampire Princess Miyu and Nightwalker are rather uncanny,beyond the vampire protagonists.
I picked up "Nightwalker" because this very database linked it with "Vampire Princess Miyu", and I must agree with this. Both are dark, fairly depressing (VPM even more so than Nightwalker), and both have a fairly similar outlook on life as well as a similar way of presenting it. If you liked one you'll probably want to check the other out.

Nightwalker and Vampire Princess Miyu share the same plot: a vampire-like creature must destroy several supernatural creatures that take advantage of human frailties in order to consume people. In both there is a sense of tragedy and darkness. The horror element of these titles is subordinate to the theme of human flaw. Vampire Princess Miyu is more hopeless and sombre while Nightwalker is more action oriented yet both series cover the same territory and explore the loneliness of immortal characters who used to be human.


Truly, nothing fits better than Vampire Princess Miyu TV and Night Walker. It has NOTHING to do with vampires being in both, either. I think you'll notice right away how formulaic both of these are, and that they follow the same pattern (try to find demon, find demon, destroy demon, watch that people's lives are messed up). The only difference I can think of is that Miyu's episodes tend to end a lot more depressingly. Other than that, if you liked one I can't imagine you not liking the other.

3 x 3 Eyes

3 x 3 Eyes

Yakumo was just a normal boy... until he died in a tragic accident. Now, resurrected by the last of a race of powerful creatures, he has become her Wu, an immortal servant. Together, they must battle against Benares, the all-powerful Wu of the dark lord Shiva. What dark secrets from Pai's past will this battle unearth?

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Do you like demons and monsters? This is another great story of a girl trying to become a normal person. Pai figths for the same thing as Miyu did. She wants all demons to disappears. But will she really make it? check it out if you wanna know...
Both series sample a girls quest for humanity. Hoping to make their "demon side" dissapear they have to fight against demons if they want any chance at having a normal life. Both Vampire Princess and 3x3 Eyes are amazingly good animes, especially in terms of plot and characterisation.

90's OVA atmospheric, dark, almost horror titles with crisp animations with lots of detail and shadowing. The girl in both titles has a supernatural guardian/indentured/linked servant.

Both will have a similar vibe.



In world where flesh-eating monsters roam the streets, only one organization has the means to save civilization from annihilation: Red Shield, a specially-organized unit designed to fight these monsters, and the only weapon that can destroy them: Saya. Awakened from a 30-year sleep, Saya is thrust into a modern world which she has no memories of, and is troubled by a past filled only with bloodshed and sadness. With the undying love and support of her family and friends, she struggles to gain the strength to move forward and regain the pieces of her shattered memories.

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There are many things that connect this two series.

1.Both anime are about supernatural creatures vampire/vampire-like.

2.Main characters have superpowers and travel with their loyal servants. Both of them are lonely woman with lots of problems and feel of guilty.

3. Lots of blood and voilence but at the same time both series try to send some message.

4.Watching this anime i just couldn't help myself and thing about the other one - because, they have the same kind of atmosphere.


Well, aside from the fact that both have a vampire as the leading character, they both have a partner who saves them from multiple dangerous situations. Both series have the same dark type feel to it, yet are not completely dark in the sense of the word! The animation is even similar in many ways, such as the backgrounds and textures!

If you enjoyed watching one, you will definitely enjoy the other