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A man awakens in an unfamiliar room, with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. His wounds have been bandaged, and his face is covered with a mask that he cannot remove. With nowhere to go, he decides to stay with his rescuers and help them when needed, waiting for his memory to return. Though his courage, skill, and wisdom quickly gain him the villagers’ respect, the same traits soon land him in hot water with the local feudal lord. Not one to back away from injustice, the path he must follow will lead him to confront his enemies, and his hidden past.

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KiraRin's avatar by KiraRin on Sep 24, 2009
Score: 8/10

Don’t you just love it when you have completely unreasonable preconceptions about a show that then completely sweeps you off your feet? Utawarerumono (try saying that after 3 large glasses of wine), has the odour of a typical anime series based on an H-game, featuring animal-like females for virgin otaku to drool over; what I got instead was an... read more

Brizent's avatar by Brizent on Nov 15, 2014
Score: 6.5/10

Story- The story is pretty good overall, but it definately has some pacing issues.  It definately feels like a VN adaption (Which it is) in that some of side characters aren't given enough screentime to fully develop and the battle/arcs are highly condensed and they clip at a crazy pace smetimes.  There are a few arc were wars went far far to quickly and it never seemed like they were horrible and... read more

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