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A man awakens in an unfamiliar room, with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. His wounds have been bandaged, and his face is covered with a mask that he cannot remove. With nowhere to go, he decides to stay with his rescuers and help them when needed, waiting for his memory to return. Though his courage, skill, and wisdom quickly gain him the villagers’ respect, the same traits soon land him in hot water with the local feudal lord. Not one to back away from injustice, the path he must follow will lead him to confront his enemies, and his hidden past.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Utawarerumono Specials DVD Special 2006 TBD Short episodes released with the DVD boxset.
Utawarerumono OVA OVA 2009 TBD
Utawarerumono Picture Drama DVD Special 2009 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Utawarerumono 2005 TBD
Name Role
Masahiko NAKATA Character Design
Tomoki KOBAYASHI Director
Hijiri ANZE Music
Katsumi KOIKE Producer
Yutaro MOCHIZUKI Producer
Toshio HATANAKA Producer
Yasuo UEDA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Utawarerumono KiraRin 8/10 Sep 24, 2009

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Title Author Score Date
Utawarerumono angelsreviews 10/10 Jul 25, 2013
Utawarerumono MAK2Hybrid 8.5/10 Jul 21, 2013
Utawarerumono PhdInCartoons 7.5/10 Feb 27, 2013
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The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms

Yohko is nothing but ordinary. Throughout her life she has been considered an outcast, especially with a hair color not native to many in Japan, bright red. Things change for Yohko when a mysterious man named Keiki arrives and claims that she is his empress. Yohko and two friends are then taken through a vortex, and then abandoned.. in a world of demons and magic.

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"Utawarerumono" and "Juuni Kokki" have many similarities that makes it probable that a fan of either series would like the other as well. Both take place in a pseudo-medeival fantasy world where wars are common. Both of them focus more on politics, and the difficulties of being a ruler than most series of the same genre (JK even more so than U). Both of them also offer a great variety of interesting characters, that keep the viewer coming back for more. Their biggest differences are that JK has a slightly more serious tone to it. (In fact U feels a bit like a crossover between JK & "Inuyasha" - more lighthearted than JK, but more serious than I.) Also U is more straightforward than JK storywise (probably due to the 26 ep format).
Juuni Kokki(The Twelve Kingdoms) and Utawarerumono are alike because of their feudal-era japan settings with a magical element mixed in. They are also very battle oriented and deal with main characters who don't know what to do in a world that they don't feel like they belong in. If you like one, you'll like the other.

you would like this anime because in both anime a rather mature protagonist becomes involved in a new and fascinating world.


If you enjoyed watching Hakuoro's trials and hardships as he learns to lead his people, then chances are, you will also enjoy watching the many intricacies of being an Emperor in the wonderfully crafted world of Juuni Kokki. Perhaps because it is a longer anime, Juuni Kokki's fantasy world is much more detailed and well thought-out than that of Utawarerumono. As such, Juuni Kokki also shows politicking, history, conflicts and war in much greater detail, leading to an overall very enjoyable 45 episodes of kingdom leadership. One caveat: despite its high level of intricacy, Juuni Kokki is an incomplete work - the author moved on to write other stories, and the anime was forced to abruptly stop at Episode 45.


12 Kingdoms and Utewarerumono are beautifully crafted fantasy series set in magical worlds in the style of feudal Japan. Both tell the story of a central protagonist who is to become ruler of a land at war, and are desperately needed by the people to maintain peace. What makes both stories that much more interesting is that the focal protagonists are unaware of just how important they are and the mysteries of their origins, which play a large role in the decisions they are to make and the their abilities as leaders. As you have followed one on a magical journey of self discovery, you will in the other.


Fantasy connects us all! If you need more of that imagination-creation the first series of these two set your mind adrift with, you are bound to find more in the other too! The series are quite similar, and yet worlds apart (literally)!


Both have a nice story with very nice, noble and powerful characters. Also you will find in both great elements of super powers and battles between kingdoms respectively realms. So both are nice to watch (and also good ending) animes which have quite a lot in common...


Both of those animes speak of characters that find themselves in a world the know nothing about. After wondering around a bit, they both gain the position as a city leader. Facing many wars, affairs and intrigues they choose to take part of it all, instead of safely sitting on their given throne. Various adventures will occur that way. If you liked one of them for those reasons, you'd surely like the other one.


Even though the setting in both series is different they give the viewer the very similar feeling. A cross between historic setting and epic story-telling both stories are certain to attrack the same audience. Concidering the fact that both series have a similar character development and a plethora of characters, chances are that if you liked the one you will also like the other.


After watching either one of them and hungry for more epic battles? Than you should watch the other one be it Utawarerumono or Juuni Kokki. Both animes have wars where words cannot express it so you will have to watch it for yourself. Both also involves a journey of the main character where they develop themselves to find out the mysteries of their life and the world.


Both series have political character. Both are about governing the country, understanding peoples' needs. If you liked one because of learning how to rule, how to oppose those who follow they own interest, you would surely like the other. Moreover, both series are based on legends and take place in medieval surroundings.


If you loved the person in a strange world concept mixed with the medieval setting and a fantasy touch covered by a main character being forced to be a leader.

Well then go ahead and try the other!

Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara

Rhiannon is the fair and gentle daughter of a village chief. Unfortunately for her, she's also exactly the sort of maiden who is needed as a sacrifice to wake the Demon King Arawn from his thousand-year slumber and is soon kidnapped for this very purpose. However, when Arawn is summoned, he decides to spare Rhiannon's life, instead killing her captor and freeing her from mind control. Taken with his kindness, Rhiannon immediately decides to marry the Demon King, making him the new village chief. All of this is bad news for Rhiannon's protective but hot-headed brother Arthur, who must now pledge his knightly service to his new Lord, Arawn. Together the three of them must journey and together they must fight, encountering new friends and new foes along the way.

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In both shows, the main protaganist, through a series of events, have gained leadership of a small village, whether they like it or not. Both protagonists also have an air of mystery surrounding who they are and what they are. The main protaganists are surrounded by a cast of beautiful badass babes. As they forge on ahead in their quest for independence from their tyrannical rulers, they discover who they are, what they must do, and and learn the effects of their actions.


These two anime are both very similar in many ways. First being the technology setting, both take place in an era where swords and bows are used as primary weapons of war. Magic is also commonplace in both anime. The anime are based off Eroge games, so both male protagonists are surrounded by lots of women. Both protagonists are intelligent tactical commanders, who end up becoming head of a tribe (despite their will) and are immediately thrusted into a war. Action is very abundant in both with some comedy thrown in for the lighter moods. Both are made by OLM Incorporated so the visual style of both are a lot alike.


The two series are very similiar with each other. The main theme in both is a medieval setting where the male lead takes charge of a village and tries to see it through the difficult times ahead. They both focus on the larger setting of things, rather than the hero and his merry band, invloving a lot of "political" plots and background. Also the male lead in both series is covered by a mysterious story/origin and is surronded by a handful of women.


Both anime are based on a RPG game by Leaf and they have many similar themes: a fantasy medieval setting and a protagonist with a mysterious past who is the leader of his country and is surrounded by many girls and a few guys who accompany him in his adventures and they defend their country from anyone who wants to conquer it.


In both Utawarerumon and Tears to Tiara everything starts in a small village and grows into a full scale war. The protagonists in both shows are very similar in many ways, for example most of the main characters are beautifull girls. The main protagonists are very intelligent and use various cunning tactics to win the upcoming wars. Both animes have everything you need and want in a fantasy tale. You will discover the power of friendship, dedication, honor, and you will embark in a journey of sell explorance.


In both anime, the main plot involves around a huge war that must be fought in order to obtain peace, and there are many deaths on the way. The main (hero) character also has some mysterious/unknown background that isn't explained until later on, and they also both become leaders (unintentionally) of a group which steadily grows into an army over time, both of which happen to be tactical masterminds for no adequately explored reason. Both main hero characters also must gain respect from a stubborn male individual who at first hates them. Also, both anime involve magic, the heavy reliance on physical weapons such as swords, angels, and gods in some form. If you enjoy war based anime involving planned out tactics with a mixture of politics involved, then I am fairly certain that you will also enjoy both of these anime.


Both of these are focused on a bigger picture. They begin focused on a small villiage before the main protaganist arrives. Afterward the focus then widens as the protagonist group gains control over larger and larger establishments and fights against old enemies. Both Hakuo and Arawn are drawn into worlds that they don't quite recognize and somehow gain a following through the female protagonist who is caring for them who has romantic interest in them. Both gain kindoms and "harems" as the shows run their course.


Utawarerumono and Tears to Tiara have similar story lines. For example in both aimes there is a group of people that opposes the current ruler of the kingdom that they live in and selects a leader that can lead them to their goal. Also the main caracters have both a mysterious past that becomes interlaced with the main story. In both series there are diferent races aside from humans (in Utawarerumono there realy isn't any humans but anyway). If you like Utawarerumono I think you'll like the other.  


Uta and TtT are both wonderful anime. If you like the adventurous, RPG setting, small clan to form an empire/kingdom sort of feel, then you'll surely love both. While TtT has more of a western setting RPG feel and is fairly action based, Uta is more of an eastern setting RPG feel and seems to focus moreso on character interaction, though it does still contain quite a bit of action. Both have an interesting cast of loveable characters, and follow the basic plot of "Man wanders into clan, and leads them to greatness", as you can see from the other reviews. ;)


I find both anime to be similar in certain character and storyline aspects. The anime are based off Eroge Visual Novels made by Leaf. The protagonist from both anime become the head of a village in which they lead to war against the ones who oppress them, thus the story proceeds as they continue to gain allies and deal with new issues while fighting for their cause.

If you enjoyed the mysteriousness of the protagonist, the personalities of the characters, and/or the progression of the storyline in either one of these anime you will surely enjoy the other!

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Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess

The god Mauser delivered unto a world of magic a prophecy: if the Scrapped Princess is allowed to live, she will destroy the entire world. But the knight who was to kill her could not end the life of a newborn child, and so she lived. Fifteen years later, her adopted brother and sister have sworn to protect her, and together they travel from town to town, searching for a life she can't have.

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Scrapped Princess is like Utawarerumono because of the way the plot turns out. Each Series starts out with a medievil tone and setting, but as the story progresses, you'll find out secrets about the world each series takes place in. These two both take that approach in telling the story, so if you liked the way that one of these shows worked, you'll like the other. These shows also have some other basic similarities, like swordfighting and magic. In each show, the main character also has 'protectors' that follow them everywhere, although, in Utawarerumono the main character is very apt to fighting, unlike Scrapped Princess where the main character is almost defenseless.

Scrapped Princess and Utawarerumono are fantasy titles with a fair balance between action, plot and character development. Both are set in complex and well-developed worlds, and suffer from an excess of unnecessary side characters.


Although at first the only thing linking Utawarerumono and Scrapped Princess is a swords-and-sorcery fantasy feel, both plots take a very similar direction as they progress. It's hard to say much without spoiling, but suffice to say both shows get into mysteries behind their worlds' creation and gods. So, if you liked the overall plot of one, you should like the other.


To anyone who likes Scrapped Princess, I'd like to recommend Utawarerumono and vice versa; they are incredible! The artwork is some of the best out there. The plots for both series are well written, and the story builds from a simple beginning to a very complex ending in a smooth fashion. The characters in both are strong with personalities; there are no shallow characters. In addition, both are adventure-based with an excellent mix of humour and drama. They are fantastic!  


For starters Scrapped Princess and Utawarerumono have somewhat similar setting. Both take place in world based on medieval times and both have those lost technologies and such. The stories are similar, but I won't write more on it, because I don't want to spoil. Also the animation in both shows shares a large number of things such as: character design (but not clothing), those dull colors and many more. Both of them also contain quite a bit of action and drama and cold be considered adventure anime. To put it simply, if you did enjoy one of those anime, you should find the other interesting as well.


Utawarerumono and Scrapped Princess are somewhat similar only in the way the plots were advanced and thats really pretty much it. Both main characters have slightly similar backgrounds, and I mean slightly. Beyond that, these two animes are about as similar as apples and oranges. Trust me by the time you finish Scrapped Princess, you will not be saying to yourself..."wow that really reminded me of Utawarerumono". But if you like the basic RPG style sword and magic animes, then you'll like Scrapped Princess.



Kagome is a normal high school girl who falls into a well, transporting her back in time to the feudal era. Upon her arrival to this world, she mercifully unleashes Inuyasha, a half demon. As if this isn't enough, she also discovers that she is the bearer of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel of great spiritual power, a jewel which has just shattered into a million shards. Now, along with Miroku the priest, Sango the demon hunter, and Shippou the mischievious fox-demon, they must set out to find the Shikon shards and defeat the evils of the demon Naraku.

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"Utawarerumono" and "Inuyasha" have many similarities that makes it probable that a fan of either series would like the other as well - and it's more than just doggie-ears. ;-) Both take place in a pseudo-medeival fantasy world where wars are common. Both of them also offer a great variety of interesting characters, that keep the viewer coming back for more. Their biggest differences are that U has a slightly more serious tone to it. (In fact U feels a bit like a crossover between "Juuni Kokki" & I - more lighthearted than JK, but more serious than I.) The fighting in I is more individualistic (two small groups of hardcore fighters - more or less detached from their environment - clash), whereas U focuses more on kingdoms, politics and regular armies fighting (even though it has its fair share of heroes as well). Also U is a lot more straightforward and filler-free (because it didn't drag out for 167 eps).
Inuyasha and Utawarerumono both deal with a mystical/feudal japanese era story. Each of these stories is very action oriented with a mix of drama. In Utawarerumono, every character has animal ears like the demons of Inuyasha. These stories are closely related in many aspects, if you like one, you're going to like the other.

InuYasha and Utawarerumono are fantasy anime that take place in a quasi-medieval setting in which fighting and major battles play a very important role. In both the protagonist ends up gathering an unlikely band of companions that help him in his adventures. InuYasha is heavier on the comedy and ends up running into fillers while Utawarerumono is a tight production that is essentially serious. It is interesting to note that both have human-like characters with animal ears.


This is a very strange rec. While its hard to imagine why someone that just got thru watching a particularly violent 26 ep series about an emperor invading countries would want to watch a 167 ep. series littered with filler with a completely different story, there is actually a lot of similarities. Both take place in feudal times, both have characters with animal like features. Both feature a main character that travels with extremely powerful allies. While Inuyasha isnt as RPGish and more shouneny then Utawarerumono, it certainly does have the sword and magic that we all love to watch.


They both have the same fantasy / adventure you want to feel everytime you see an episode. Its filled with many thrills and supsence but good comedy and some romance with lots of good action

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Born beneath the gallows tree from which his dead mother hung, Guts has always existed on the boundary between life and death. After enduring a terrible childhood, he spends his adulthood in brutal combat, pitting his strength against others in order to build his own. Life is simple enough for Guts until he meets Griffith, the inspirational, ambitious, and beautiful leader of the mercenaries, the Band of the Hawks. When Guts loses to Griffith in a duel, he is forced to join the group, and, despite himself, finds a sense of camaraderie and belonging amongst them. However, as Griffith leads his soldiers from victory to victory, the bloody wars and underhanded politics reveal a side to him that nobody quite expected. Can Guts, a simple warrior, defend those who have come to mean the most to him, all the while struggling not to lose to the darkness he has carried with him his entire life?

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not rated
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Both of these series were chalked full of excelent fight scenes, millitary stratigy and come from behind victorys. Each had a loveable hero (OK, mabey not guts) and vile enimies allong with a quest of donination and a rise to the top.


Utawarerumono and Berserk are fairly similar anime series. Both shows are chalked full of hack and slash warfare, endless campaigns, and elements of blood and guts violence. Plot wise they have little to do with each other, but they are similar in the general themes of camaraderie, demonic possession, and the horrors of war in general. Berserk was about the ultimate depth of Griffith's ambition and Guts trying to find his place in that world. Utawarerumono is about a man with no memory carving out a new place in the world through warfare and government. I'd say at some level both series are about making peace with yourself and having the courage to carve out your own future. Admittedly Utawarerumono is sort of like Berserk-lite but I still think it fans of either should try watching them both.


Both share a characteristic that make these animes great. A rich universe with very good character development!


Both share a 'medieval' setting and feature large scale progressive battles while following the main characters who orchestrate said battles.