Alt title: Ginga no Uo URSA minor BLUE

OVA (1 ep x 22 min)
2.767 of 5 from 184 votes
Rank #4,237

In a small observatory on a tranquil sea, a boy and his grandfather live in peace, fishing and looking at the stars. That is, until one day, the boy discovers that an extra star has been added to the Ursa Minor constellation, changing its form from a bear to a fish. Now, with the evil beast ravaging the stars and destroying anything it touches, the duo must set sail to find a weapon of immense power capable of vanquishing the fierce creature of the sea and restoring Ursa Minor back to its original form…

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sothis May 5, 2006
Score 9/10

At twenty-something minutes in length, it usually is difficult for one episode OVAs to have a decent storyline. Luckily, in Ursa Minor Blue’s case, I was pleasantly surprised. A young boy and his grandfather live in an island observatory, secluded, in the middle of a vast sea. The setup reminded me quite a bit of the Myst novels, to be honest. One night, during his ritual star observing, the boy... read more

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Omurqi Jan 29, 2010
Score 7.5/10

I enjoyed this a great deal, although saying I'm thrilled would describe the anime wrongly. It's basically a calm, unbridled look into the fantasy of the writer. The story is something with the creativity of a child, while not being overly childish. The animation, quality wise, is quite bad. Everything lacks in detail and shades or often left out. However, the animation style is different from the norm... read more



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