Urban Square

OVA (1 ep x 56 min)
2.431 out of 5 from 58 votes
Rank #4,423

Ryo Matsumoto is down on his luck; his manuscript has been rejected, and after a night out drinking he is nearly run down by a panicking pedestrian. As if things couldn’t get worse, the pedestrian is then gunned down and the assassin has his sights set on Ryo; he survives only due to running into a police patrol. The next day Ryo meets a beautiful girl who runs across a letter addressed to a professor of antiquities inside Ryo’s manuscript. A mysterious letter, a beautiful girl, high speed chases, danger and death; just like the scripts Ryo tries to write! But is Ryo the hero of this story, or just another victim?


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Singan's avatar by Singan on May 11, 2013
Score: 7/10

Based on a story by Kazunori Ito (the scriptwriter for Ghost in the Shell & Patlabor movies), Urban Square: Chasing Amber is a very unusual OVA as it may be perceived in two different ways and the way you choose pretty much determines whether you'll like it or not.

Essentially, it's a classic detective story where the main character witnesses a murder and gets into trouble with the... read more


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