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Funko, Shigu, Eru and Ichiroku seem to be typical school girls on the surface, but they're actually powerful, dangerous guns that must be treated with care and respect! Together, they attend Seishou Academy, a special place where not only are all of the students guns, the teachers are as well. That is, except for one new educator who arrives, unaware of the crazy, dangerous times that lie ahead!

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ForTheLoveOfLoli's avatar by ForTheLoveOfLoli on Oct 13, 2013
Score: 3.5/10

UPOTTE!! Okay, anime exists in a world quite independent and detached from worldly logic. So to find an action/comedie/moe story about a girl school in which all the pupils and teachers (minus one) are assault rifles, that shouldn't surp- ...wait, what?? STORY Yes. The girls are assault rifles. Each girl is in actuality one of the many types of rifles used by armies worldwide. And they, uh, use... read more

nope's avatar by nope on May 19, 2012
Score: 10/10

The main character has blue hair and wears a school girl outfit I think. I don't want to include too much content otherwise it'd spoil the show. read more

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