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Unico: Black Rain and White Feather

Unico: Black Rain and White Feather main image
3.231 out of 5 from 92 votes
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Unico is a unicorn with the power to make anyone happy. At one time, he was the pet of the Greek legend Psyche, but Venus, jealous of Psyche's beauty and and happiness, had Unico kidnapped. She tasked the West Wind to have Unico wander through space and time, alone for all eternity. Whenever Unico begins to make someone happy, the West Wind is supposed to take him to a new time and place. This time, Unico finds himself in a town where a recently-built factory is churning out pollution, and making the people and animals of the town sick. Unico encounters and is befriended by a sick girl named Tico. Can Unico repay the favor by saving Tico and the town?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Unico Movie 1981 TBD
Unico in the Island of Magic Movie 1983 TBD
Name Role
Toshio HIRATA Director
Mickey YOSHINO Music
Yukihide TAKEKAWA Music
Osamu TEZUKA Original Manga Creator
Shintaro TSUJI Producer
Susumu AKETAGAWA Producer

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Main Characters

Unico image Unico heart unheart

Minor Characters

Zephyrus image Zephyrus heart unheart
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Title Author Score Date
Unico: Black Rain and White Feather LizardLaw974 4/10 Mar 25, 2013
Unico: Black Rain and White Feather SadisticTendencies 5/10 Feb 11, 2012

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