Alt title: Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou

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Asuna Harukaze is a girl who loves tennis to the point where she practices her swings with a pitchfork while working on the family farm. At school she is a member of the Soft Tennis Club along with the enthusiastic Kotone, food-crazy Chitose and bizarre yet talented Kurusu. With a big tournament approaching, the girls are taking practice more seriously than ever, but with Asuna’s strange and perverted logic surfacing at every turn and Chitose’s inability to win a single match, can the club emerge triumphant and make it to the nationals?

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Htieks Htieks says...

Sports, nonsense and fanservice. Even if the activities the characters practice are completely different, the way they interact with each others and their weird antics, combined with a lot of fanservice shots and idiotic events that feel very out of place but will probably make you crack a smile, make for a good suggestion for those who enjoyed one of these series.

Umisho is heavier on the fanservice side, while Softenni is more about defying common sense for comedic results. Anyway, I'm sure fans of this kind of anime won't be disappointed.