Ultimate Muscle

Alt title: Kinnikuman Nisei

TV (51 eps)
2.303 of 5 from 1,202 votes
Rank #5,615

Humanity, beware! The nefarious alien race of wrestlers known as DMP have crash landed on Earth atop a giant fist, and only one boy has the power to stop them: Kid Muscle! Son of the legendary King Muscle, Kid is said to have the power of Ultimate Muscle; and thus, he is chosen to lead the new generation of wrestlers to victory over the DMP. However, back on Muscle Planet, Kid has no intentions of fighting; he's lazy, immature, and more likely to pass gas in the face of an enemy than fight. Attempting to escape from these duties, Kid uses the power of his farts to blast away, yet accidentally finds himself on his way to Earth anyways. There, he meets his father's old trainer named Meat – a man who is hell bent on turning Kid into a super wrestler. Can Kid and the other wrestlers use their skills to defeat the DMP?

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