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UFO Robo Grendizer vs Great Mazinger

UFO Robo Grendizer vs Great Mazinger main image more screenshots
2.674 out of 5 from 147 votes
Rank #3,396


In the pursuit of UFO Robo Grandizer, the evil Vega Military sends Captain Batus to supervise their current Earth forces and issue an ultimatum: defeat Grandizer, or be exiled to the Freezing Universe! The Vegans launch an attack, and Kouji flies out to defeat them; but before he is able to get to Great Mazinger he is captured. Unable to get Kouji to reveal the location of Grandizer, the Vegan forces use this opportunity to capture Great Mazinger in order to use its power to their own evil ends. With Kouji kidnapped and Great Mazinger in the hands of the Vega military, only UFO Robo Grandizer has the ability to save the world!


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Name Role
Osamu KASAI Director
Shunsuke KIKUCHI Music
Chuumei WATANABE Music
Go NAGAI Original Manga Creator
Chiaki IMADA Producer

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