UFO Robo Grendizer

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Years ago, after watching his family die at the hands of the Vegan empire, Duke Fleed managed to escape, stealing the powerful UFO Grendizer that the enemy used to destroy his planet in the process. Eventually ending up on Earth, the boy was adopted by Dr. Umon and given the name Daisuke, intent on living out the rest of his life in peace. However, when his father and the mecha pilot Kouji Kabuto realize that the Vegan empire has arrived at Earth to repeat history, Daisuke is forced back into the pilot's seat to save his new home. Alongside Kouji's flying saucer, can Daisuke and his Grendizer stop the fleet and save the world?

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Mory88 Aug 9, 2012
Score 9/10

This will be  a quick review ... grandizer is one of the earliest anime I saw in my life along with mazinger, may be that's why it holds a special place in my list .... of course if you got spoiled by the modern mecha anime and their special effects and world, you may not like it. One thing I just wanna mention with this anime is the emotional emphasis on the chatacters and even the villians, each... read more

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roriconfan Jun 26, 2012
Score 5/10

Full list of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:

TEASER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW8JKCouIA4&feature=related

This is yet another series made by the infamous time traveler Go Nagai. He proves for the third time how he... read more

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