Uchuu Kuubo Blue Noah

Alt titles: Space Carrier Blue Noah, Thundersub

TV (24 eps)
2.952 out of 5 from 46 votes
Rank #2,989

In 2052, mankind has spread to planets across the galaxy, living in peace and harmony. But when a mysterious vessel arrives at Earth, human life as we know it is virtually destroyed in the blink of an eye. Invaders from a destroyed planet have been searching the galaxy for a new world, and they're out to take Earth by force for their own. Now, against all odds, Colin Collins and a skilled military team must fight to save their race with the help of an experimental submarine and spacecraft.

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Sep 12, 2012
Score: 5.5/10

Old and typical in its premise, Blue Noah (Thundersub in English) was amongst the first war drama/science fiction series to offer to the Western World an ongoing and rather rationalized scenario. There were almost no stand-alone episodes and you even got to sympathize with the bad guys of the story. Quite enough to give it some credit but nothing great considering what else came throughout the... read more



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