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Uchuu Enban Dai-Senso

Alt titles: Great Battle of the Flying Saucers

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Many years ago, Duke Fleed fled to Earth with the mighty Grandizer robot to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Vegan Empire. Hiding the robot and taking on an Earthian persona, he vowed never to pilot Grandizer again. Fast forward to the present, and a group of UFOs led by his childhood sweetheart have tracked down Duke Fleed once more. Demanding Fleed turn himself over, they give him a choice: return the Grandizer or watch Earth be destroyed! Will Duke Fleed stand by and watch his adopted home be obliterated, or will he break his vow, pilot Grandizer, and face off against the combined Vegan UFO Fleet?


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Shunsuke KIKUCHI Music
Chiaki IMADA Producer

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Old school mecha anime simply are the best if you were born in the right age... Even to a younger audience, the super robots could seem to be quite appealing, years before the real robot genre started by the Gundam franchise (even if Tosho Daimos could be considered a less known precursor).