Twin Spica

Alt title: Futatsu no Spica

TV (20 eps)
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When Asumi was just a baby, a space shuttle accident changed her life, and the lives of the townspeople of Yuigahama, forever. As a young woman, the spirited Asumi has only one desire: to someday travel to the stars in a rocket, with her father and ghostly friend Lion-san along for the ride. With heartache, happiness, and plenty of determination, Asumi and dozens of talented teenagers now face the greatest challenge of their lives: the test to enter a prestigious space academy, so that they may one day reach out and touch the stars...

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sothis Feb 3, 2005
Score 6.7/10

I just want to put a big note at the beginning of this that explains how hard this review is to write. When Twin Spica was first being released, I was probably the largest fan you could have talked to. I convinced everyone I knew to watch it, telling them that it had elements of Planetes and Stellvia, amongst others. It had such, such potential through the first seven episodes, and at that point I... read more

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Twin Spica
  • Vol: 16; Ch: 89
  • 2001 - 2009
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