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Turning Girls

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Ditzy Nana, fujoshi Chiwa, idol wannabe Kaeru, and goth groupie Kai are single salarywomen in their upper 20s, but just because the friends have jobs to juggle doesn’t mean they can’t also have fun! By spending their weekends and free time going on awkward group dates, imagining ridiculous yaoi scenarios, and flirting with ultra-buff bodybuilders, the women are sure to have a great time and create plenty of memories in the process!

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Enthusiastic editor-in-chief Hana, serious Aki and their friends love manga so much that they've decided to start up a brand new manga magazine! Together, the new editors must find mangaka to work with, schedule photo shoots and perfect their typesetting, amongst other things. Little did the girls know that running a manga magazine would be more difficult than they imagined, but with teamwork and a lot of perseverance, they'll definitely succeed!

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Another comedy with super-short episodes about a group of working women. Mangirl! focuses more on their work, and Turning Girls on the personality quirks of the women themselves (and is far more strange and less spastic), but they gave me a similar vibe.

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