Tsuyokiss Cool x Sweet

TV (12 eps)
2.757 of 5 from 1,278 votes
Rank #4,386

Sunao Konoe has just transferred to a new school and quickly makes new friends in the flirtatious Shinichi, loud Kinu and other classmates, but what she really wants is to form a theater club. There’s just one problem: the student council has to approve any new clubs, and the group is led by Erika, an arrogant girl who refuses the request! With distractions such as her childhood friend Leo, part time jobs and Erika’s outlandish challenges standing in her way, will Sunao ever manage to form the theater club?

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mahius Sep 24, 2014
Score 7/10

Tsuyokiss Cool X Sweet is 12 episodes about Sunao Konoe, a high school student who hopes to start a drama club at her school. This anime is within the genres of ecchi, romance and SPOILER< love-triangle >SPOILER.  There are quite a few references to Romeo and Juliet, especially as the story has a similar feeling. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this anime. I generally hate ecchi/harem (and anything similar)... read more

Wyr3d's avatar
Wyr3d Nov 21, 2014
Score 1/10

I would have given a negative score for the story if it had let me.

To be honest, it starts off well enough, as your typical Slice-of-Life <insert theme here> with elements of love-comedy. However, as some point it just loses it's way. What is laughingly referered to as the "plot" involves the MC fighting with the Student Council President and never really develops further than... read more



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