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Yuki is an introverted teenager whose intense fear of public speaking makes it difficult for him to make friends, so hoping for a fresh start, he moves with his grandmother to the small island of Enoshima. Shortly after his arrival he encounters Haru, a strange youth claiming to be an alien - and what's more, the otherworldly visitor requests his help to catch a strange being that inhabits the local waters! Along with fellow classmate and local angling celebrity Natsuki, the boys must now form a bond in the hopes of saving the town from the force that is threatening it. With a mysterious organization also lurking about and posing potential danger, Yuki must put his best face forward and protect the island... with the help of a fishing rod?!

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ThePatches Sep 24, 2012
Score 8/10

Most anime is some form of coming of age story. Heck, a large chunk of literature is about growing up. From Journey to The West (Dragon Ball those in the know) to Guilty Crown to Catcher in the Rye, it’s all about how a boy (or a girl. Anime... read more

dionkeykong's avatar
dionkeykong Apr 30, 2016
Score 1/10

Having seen most reviews i have to say...REALLY?I tried,i tried so hard to watch this but in the end my mind couldn't take it. HAVE U PEOPLE TAKEN LEAVE OF YOUR SENSES????This has to be the most boring,mind numbling anime ever.Οh yes u might say,but it's warm and fuzzy and cheezy and...Frankly who cares?If i need 2 tons of red bull to keep me awake what is the point?Story?As far as i can tell some kids... read more

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