Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea

Alt title: Aoi Umi no Tristia

OVA (2 eps)
2.228 of 5 from 357 votes
Rank #5,656

Nanoca Flanka is a genius inventor who has been sent to the seaside town of Tristia, in order to help revive its troubled economy. Wanting only to invent new gadgets and work on Tenzan, her battle golem, Nanoca is just itching for a new challenge when one is thrown her way: compete in a golem competition for fame and glory! Winning will not be easy -- at least, not if Panavia Tornado, her self-proclaimed rival has anything to do with it! Can Tenzan and Nanoca steal the show, or is their winning streak finally at an end?

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sothis Nov 27, 2004
Score 5.8/10

Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea is actually focused on a girl named Nanoca, who likes to invent golems and invent various things. The story we are told is that she has been sent to Tristia to help revive their economy, though we never really understand many aspects of the story. Who sent her? How was she supposed to help revive the economy? I suspect that fans of the manga or whatever this was based... read more

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KittyEmperor Feb 20, 2011
Score 4/10

Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea is an ova based off of a PS2 and PC game in which a girl named Nanoca Flanka is sent to the sea-side town of Tristia to help revitalize the local economy though the questions associated with why she was sent there are left unexplained in the ova and you would have to have had played the game to understand some of these things.  But the ova doesn't even really focus on these... read more



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