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“Vash, the Stampede” - worth 60 billion dollars to the one who can turn him in. Bounty hunters everywhere are on the lookout for this legendary gunman, not to mention insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who are tasked with preventing any potential damage that this Vash can cause. But with 60 billion on his head, Vash is not an easy man to find.

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Trigun 1995 TBD
Trigun Maximum 1998 TBD
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Name Role
Takahiro YOSHIMATSU Character Design
Satoshi NISHIMURA Director
Tsuneo IMAHORI Music
Yasuhiro NIGHTOW Original Manga Creator
Shigeru KITAYAMA Producer
Masao MOROSAWA Producer

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Trigun Jehowi 5.9/10 Aug 31, 2013
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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Follow interstellar bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black as they scour the galaxy for criminals with prices on their heads. Hoping to escape their past, they live on the spaceship Bebop, but it's a dangerous business and old enemies don't forget easily. Allies come from unlikely sources, however, as they find comrades in the beautiful swindler Faye Valentine, the genius child hacker Ed and the genetically engineered 'data dog' Ein. Will they be able to help each other though their respective struggles, or is their fate really inevitable?

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Very similar anime - animation style is different, but the main characters are similar and the plot is similar.
Cowboy Bebop is a great series. Very dark and funny settings setout 4 people into the job of bounty hunting. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes anime.

Like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop is an great series with an awesome story. It also has great gunfights and action. Although Bebop takes place "in space", the main plot usually takes place on some odd planet or setting, similar to Trigun. Spike always seems to save the day, as does Vash.

Well, I don't know what it is, but these two shows just seem like they go together. Like Milk and Eggs... or something... Can't really explain, but watch it anyway.
There's the cool gun fights, humor aplenty, and the western theme to it all. Though often hillarious, Bebop has it's darker moments. If you enjoyed Trigun, you'll find many of the same elements waiting for you in Cowboy Bebop
There would be only one description for this and that would be: "Trigun is Cowboy Bebop but just in another climate" It's filled with action from the beginning to the end. And there is alot of fun. Cowboy bebop deals abit more with bonty hunters than Trigun. Cowboy bebop takes place in space and got a more spacy theme than Trigun ;) If you want a good action series that you won't be able to stop check this one out. And I assure you that you won't be bored.
Cowboy Bebop is close up to Trigun, in Trigun for exmaple Milly and Meryl "hunt" Vash and Vash hunts Knives on the other hand. In Cowboy Bebop all persons hunt their spirits from the past and of course the fatest bounty they can get. In both series you get to know more about the Characters as the Series continues, their past, their way of life.
Do you love that gunplay? If so, Cowboy Bebop is probably right for you. Cowboy Bebop is a good anime set in space where the main characters go through an adventure filled with danger and other descriptive words. It is action packed and has a story line occasionally. Its a good watch and I recommend u see it.
So this is an obvious one, but the 'scifi western' isn't a big enough genre not to point it out again. Bebop and Trigun are also both very slick well made shows, so like one and I'm sure the other will appeal.
Cowboy bebop is sort of the mellow brother of Trigun, with less extreme action. The characters are more human in their skills, but with much the same style of action, and both have touches of humor in them.
Cowboy Bebop and Trigun both have a lead character who can make bad people pay. There are comedic elements in these (especially Trigun) and they both have some good style (Cowboy Bebop with a futuristic Jazz and Trigun with an old Western gun-slinger). Spike and "Vash, the Stampede" are just great heroes. Each episode of these series have some sort of theme and are well done. Also, these anime series both have 26 episodes with some good action. Cowboy Bebop is like a more serious version of Trigun. I enjoyed both series a lot.
Cowboy Bebop and Trigun share an atypical hero, an interesting group of supporting characters, a future setting with retro elements, and a nice balance of humor, action, and drama. Both begin with simpler episodes and build to more complex plot arcs and increased depth. In my opinion, Bebop has somewhat superior production values - better artwork and music - though Trigun has its own quirky charm. And both are what I would consider classics, with great appeal for anime newcomers. If you haven't seen them, you've missed out on a lot more than just two excellent series - you've also missed your two best shots to get your friends watching anime, too.
Both of these series have a strong, cool, yet somewhat funny main character, with a mysterious past. Both also share a somewhat episodic character of the story.
Bebop and Trigun have always went together, i don't even know why, it's just always been like that. These two anime have a major fan base with a very good hero (though i do prefer Vash). They both have some short stories with a bigger story underneath it. But why am i talking, just go watch it, you won't regret it!

Both series share a similar style, being animated by Sunrise, but they also share the same spaghetti western ideals of the lone gun winning the day and such. There's also a strange likeness between Vash and Spike, one that is impossible to describe but there all the same.

Two wonderful stories about two good hearted gunslinging heroes. Spike (Cowboy Bebop) and Vash (Trigun) are two unique individuals with dark pasts. If you love good old fashioned gunfights with a western theme, then look no further. These by far have the best gunfights ive ever seen.
Trigun and Cowboy Bebop both feature very unlikely but likeable heroes as they go about doing good and doing it with style. Excellent stories and beautiful animation in each.
Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are these "lone gunman with a past" series. Also, in both it takes a while until the story starts to open up, but when it does it gets your heart ache pleasantly and glues you to the monitor.
Both Feature underrunning themes of revenge and forgivness under their lighter exteriors while not as gritty as Cowboy Bebop the level of plot development near the end of the series rives and possibly even outshines it, with repeated viweings of both giving way to new levels tha may of been missd the first time

Both shows feature comedic bits created by the odd mix-up of the main characters. They also share a broad over-reaching plot that's mixed with a lot of one-shot episodes that don't really touch on that plot.

While both shows have an overall "fun" feel to them, they can get very dark - Trigun moreso than Cowboy Bebop. If you liked Trigun, try out Bebop.


Both Trigun and Bebop have very well developed storylines in terms of how the charachters grow. Both anime series are completely worth it simply for the last 2 climactic episodes, when you start really understanding what drives both Vash and Spike.


This can really be summed up quite easily: both Bebop and Trigun have a tall sexy goof-ball hero, and take place in a space western setting. The similarities are vast, as are the differences, though you will surely like one if you like the other.


In Trigun, Vash The Stampede just seems to have no luck, which is similar to Spike in Cowboy Bebop. Both of them seem to be running away from their past while trying to survive the present. There's plenty of old-fashioned shootouts in both series while you are presented with the past of each character. I recommend that you see both series if you like the action genre.


Trigun and Cowboy Bebop involve gun slinging badasses with clouded pasts that are slowly uncovered throughout the anime. Both also contain an adversary who was once a friend of the protagonist, to add the symbolism of confronting one's past.


With both Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, the protagonist is wacky with a serious side to him, and both are quite lovable. Both animes also have a very westerny feel to them, despite being far in the future.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are very similar in their style and animation. Both main characters have a very sad past, and go on adventures with comrades.


Most anime fans instantly know of Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. If you don't, then you have no clue what you're missing out on! These series are two of the best I have ever watched. They have great visuals, the best story lines, and characters that you'll gain a great fondness of.


These anime have many similarities: they're both set in the future, they both have a funny twist, and they both have similar main characters. The list could go on, but the main similarity is that both of these anime are "must see" series.


Cowboy Bebop and Trigun have elements that are similar. Spike and Vash are both characters who, on the surface, aren't taken seriously for a good reason; but are both can be serious, have immense talent, and have pasts that come back to haunt them. Both of the series also, to a certain degree, have pseudo-western terminology and include a similar structure in terms of their episodes. Best of all, despite the parallels, they are both able to have very well done stories of their own.


I think if you liked Bebop or Trigun you'd like the other, simply because Vash (Trigun) is like a cowboy, but it seems he has more cowboy in him than Spike. Also, the stories deal with them trying to escape their past that inevitably catches up to them.


The reason for recommending these two seems kind of obvious. They're both in the same genre (sci-fi western), and have a similar atmosphere. Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are both mainly western-type shows that feature showdowns, shoot-outs, and bounties; these things are mixed with comedic moments and bits of drama that create great character development and suspense, which leaves you hanging in the end.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are pretty dark and the atmosphere is very stressful, but that's balanced with humor and irony. Both stories tell about a 'hero'/'outlaw' who has lost someone and is trying to avoid it from happening again. Minor characters have their own importance in both series.


I watched Trigun first, and having finally caught up with my anime and seeing Cowboy Bebop, I am struck by how similar the two anime are. The most immediate similarity is the characters Spike and Vash; both are relatively easygoing and carefree in casual conversations, and are quite able when it comes to fights. As each anime continues, more history is explored and each grows deeper, often in quite interesting ways. While they do end up differing quite a bit in major characters and plot points, if you liked one, you'll surely find something to like in the other.


Bebop is a great story about a trio of bounty hunters and how they catch bounties and such. Trigun is about a man with a large bounty on his head, and his life is always being interrupted by people trying to catch him or hurt others (and he always gets involved). Both are set in a crude but advanced futuristic setting and are a great watch.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop have a similar sort of mood to them aswell having similar characters. Both funny with serious parts and are worth watching.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Trigun tell the story of a gunslinger with amazing skills, trying to escape a horrible past and start anew, only to find that it´s hard to run away from mistakes of the past, and that it´s better to take responsibility for them.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are futuristic western-type series. That alone should be enough for a fan of one series to like the other, although the series are still quite different in many aspects. Trigun has supernatural elements, while Bebop is mainly realistic. Still, both series have enough similar qualities to make one think fans of one will also love the other.


If so far there are like 40 recommendations for each other,Trigun and Cowboy Bebop must really have something in common...!And so it is: both have a great sci-fi background,a similar design,and,above all,superb characters: they look so damn strong and,at times,funny,that it's hard to think of them just like normal people,handling with troubles and bad guys from their mysterious past.

So,if you liked one,you'll love the other as well,be sure :)


Both have likeable main characters who eventually must confront their pasts. The feelings you get from both series are similiar, and they are really just two titles that go hand-in-hand.


Both series are about badass, nearly invincible guys with freaky haircuts.Albo, both series are funny nad full of action.


There has always been some sort of war between "Cowboy Bebop" fans and "Trigun" fans as to which one is better. This is because they're both so similar, and yet so different. Because of the similarities, people want to compare, but because of the differences, people think one is better than the other. However, "Trigun" and "Cowboy Bebop" are so similar and yet not that a person could easily fall in love with both if they weren't so stubborn. So, if you keep an open mind and try not to compare them, you'll love this anime!


The parallels are endless. Both series have a hero with a hidden past who does things his own way. A group of friends joins this hero as he makes things right in his life. If you have seen one series but not the other, you are doing yourself a disservice.


Even with a lot of superficial differences, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun have definitely something that links them to each other. The main characters, Spike and Vash, are like long lost twins, having the exactly same strong and weak points. Perhaps created by the similar animation, colour palette, easy-going atmosphere and the kind of mental struggle the characters go through, these two simply feel the same as well.

I've grown confident that one can not mention Cowboy Bebop without Trigun in the same sentence and the other way round, and hence, if you're a fan of one, you're obligated to watch the other, too.


Both series are a marvel to behold when developing characters and plotlines. They're also done under similar settings - the "space western" feel. Both animes also have awesome soundtracks. Spike and Vash both fit the 'cool-and-mysterious' lead character role well. For the most part in respect to Vash.


Both are about badasses traveling around the world in search of something. But soon relise that their past is catching up with them... Soon they go in search of a person from the very pass they tried to forget.


Both series have a similiar theme even though the time frames are completely different. Vash has a "I'm the man" side yet at the same time he has the "love and peace" side. This also goes for Spike. Both series are about badasses whose past eventually catches up with them.


They came out the same year, are set in futuristic yet western sytle worlds, and have intriguing main protagnists that resemble each other some way deep down inside. Both have similar pacing as well, with many of the early episodes as humorous and seemingly little to do with the main plot other than developing the characters' personalities and then both switch to darker and more serious episodes later on.


The feel of Cowboy Beebop and Trigun is similar in regards to the well animated fighting, weapon handling, and other action scenes, as well as the perfect intertwining of serious moments (drama) and comic relief (comedy). And although it may not show on the first few episodes (and they are still catching!), each anime has a deep engaging storyline as well as excellent character development.


Cowboy Bebop is Trigun, just with some seriousness. The main characters are quite similar, but the storyline is completely different. So be sure to check them both out!


They both have similar animation styles and have a lot of gunslinger action.  Both Male Protagonist seem to find trouble where ever they go, yet have the ability to escape even the most dangerous of situations. Another commonality is the music selection.  Eventhough Cowboy Bebop has a jazzy feel to it, Trigun gives a off a lot of classical and rock sound track.


With similar styles of animation and tending to focus more on gunslingers for the action of the episodes in both series.  While the main story in each really has a much more serious tone to it everything else will at times become serious but it will also mix in some humour to help lighten the mood.  Though Cowboy Bebop has a kind of space cowboy feel to it and Trigun feels much more like a typical western but both series but both series also feature a similar hero who gets himself into troublesome situations that are sometimes his own doing and sometimes not so much.  So if you liked one then you might want to check out the other.


Both animes are hilarious, action-packed, and are backed by an amazing story.  Character development is the prominent theme, with characters coming to terms with their past and the consequences of their histories.

One significant difference between the two is the attitude of the protagonists; Vash shys away from hurting people much more than Spike, it seems.

Overall, both made me laugh heartily and moved me deeply.


Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, are a pair, it's something about them that just goes together.

The plots are similar to an extent but I can't put the finger on why they are so similar and good togeter


'If you liked Bebop or Trigun, you'd like the other because they are both good old-fashioned animes with great characters and outstanding story, worth watching!


Both series are high-octane thrill rides, involving guns, explosions, and other forms of mayhem. There is also a recurring trend of them being thought of as bad men, even though they secretly have hearts of gold.


If you liked Trigun or Bebop, then you'll probably like the other since both main characters have a rival who they used to like but have become competitions. They are also marksman with a super-cool way of dodging bullets. The only exception is that Vash doesn't have a tenacy to kill unlike Spike, who has much of a taste for killing.

Also, they both have fun sidekicks with a mysterious personalitiy; Meryl and Faye are smart chicks who are a lot of fun to watch. Same wiith Milly and Edward, who are simple-minded but are very cute characters.

Vicious and Knives are pretty similar, since they were a childhood friend of the protagonist and are now rivals for doing something wrong to their love interest (which are Rem and Julia.)

While Trigun looks more old-fashioned and Bebop probably had a higher budget, they are still pretty funny to watch with a darker part of the story.


These series are both episodic stories following extremely good gunfighters with a very mysterious past. While mixing together action, comedy, and a bit of melancholy, they each manage to put together several interesting backgrounds around the main character(s) while still being quite episodic.


If you're the kind of person who enjoys a good old western theme mixed with futuristic technology spiced with some comical relief, you really need to check both of these out!


Both of these anime have a large amount of comical story lines, which is countered by story lines that are as equally serious. There is also plenty of action and pretty descent soundtracks. Definitely something everyone should at least attempt to watch.


Both animes are very similar and nicely done. The plot is similar, main characters are badass. I think that Trigun is more funny (for the half of the show) and in CB there is more action. If you like one of them you gonna like the other one :)


Chaotic, tumultuous action in a space western setting. Both also have a healthy dose of comedy and a darker undertone that gradually overtakes the story.


Super cool characters with shady history, and layers of layers of character. I guess Trigun is more linear than Cowboy Bebop, but DAMN is it awesome!


Cowboy Bebop and Trigun share an atypical hero, an interesting group of supporting characters, a future setting with retro elements, and a nice balance of humor, action, and drama. Both begin with simpler episodes and build to more complex plot arcs and increased depth. In my opinion, Bebop has somewhat superior production values - better artwork and music - though Trigun has its own quirky charm. And both are what I would consider classics, with great appeal for anime newcomers. If you haven't seen them, you've missed out on a lot more than just two excellent series - you've also missed your two best shots to get your friends watching anime, too.


Both shows take place in a future, features a protagonist with a murky past engaged in lots of gunfights. Bebop has space travel and more varied episodes, while Trigun is more of a western on another planet, though the similarities outwheigh these differences. They both have great casts, great actions, fitting music (especially in Bebop) and similar used future aesthetics. Fans of either would do well to check out the other work.


Both high quality anime that mix comedy and drama from the mid 90s. Hey, in Bebop, there's even one episode (Wild Horses) that is clearly referencing Trigun.


Trigun is less serious than is Cowboy Bebop.  Bebop has gret music.  Both are space westerns with plenty of action.

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

In the revolutionary Meiji period, Japan is undergoing enormous political change. It is a time when vagabonds and terrorists will use any method to prevent the modernization of their country, even if it means trampling on the innocent in the process. In such a time, Himura Kenshin, a wandering samurai, has dedicated his life to protecting the weak and desperate peasants from those who would oppress them. However, Kenshin has a dark past which threatens to destroy the values he is fighting for. When he meets his new friends Kaoru, Sanosuke, and Yahiko, and tries to build a peaceful life with them, events conspire against him. Can Kenshin overcome the demons within and without, and finally ensure the peaceful future that Japan deserves?

my list:

not rated
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Trigun and Kenshin both have a combination of serious arcs and random comedy bits such as chibis and dumbfounded personalities. Vash and Kenshin are very similar characters as well. If you enjoyed one, you'd probably like the other.

Kenshin has what i consider very similar fighting to trigun. The characters and enviroment also bear some definite similarities. Wolfwood and Sano for example. Kenshin is a lot longer than Trigun so don't expect to watch it fast, but it's certainly worth the time and i think Trigun fans will love it.

The main character in both Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin takes on a "no-kill" policy when it comes to beating the bad guys, which makes the two series similar; as well as the characters themselves are very serious when fighting and fairly comical when relaxing.

Two series with VERY similar formula, with two radically different settings. If you liked Trigun, you will like Kenshin TV. Even if Kenshin had the emberassing period after the Kyoto arc... Regardless, you won't wanna miss it!
Give Vash a sword instead of a gun, and a you've got the same series. Both Kenshin and Vash come from a shady past, and have super human skills to boot. They're both hellbent on not killing, and often use simple goofiness to hide the calibur of their characters, often for hillarious results, though when pressed to a wall, both are more than capable of making their opponents regret being born.
These series are very similer in there out look of a good hero. Both of them are strong to there beliefs and wont harm a fly :). Fast action in both of them good story development and action. Vash's story wraps up faster but has good depth none the less.
Not that this needs explanation but both protagonists come off as weak and entirely comedic for quite some time but as the series progresses they start to get awesome. The two are worth every minute spent watching them.

Both Trigun and Kenshin feature happy-go-lucky characters with mysterious pasts, though one ran a bit too long. Both will make you laugh, and maybe cry, and both are quality anime that aren't to be missed.

Vash and Kenshin. Two powerful, seemingly invincible characters with dark pasts. While Vash is on the run in a futuristic Wild West, Kenshin wanders through Meiji-era Japan. If you want another peace-loving, sometimes deadly otherwise cuddly protagonist, Kenshin is your man. This series has good plot development, awesome fight scenes, and cute comic relief with a bit of a history lesson thrown in. Rurouni Kenshin is perfect for any Trigun fan.
Both Kenshin and Vash are fighters you can't stop worrying about, with their skills they could take out an army by themselves. Both have two forms to them, a serious mode and one which adds comedy to the show. If you liked the mix, you should like them both.
Both series are about badasses with a sensitive side who try to journey on a quest of love and peace, but find that their past catches up with them inevitably.
The themes and overall tone of Trigun and Kenshin are the same. They both portray characters to have kind hearts and vows not to kill people. Each character's story is rich and develop the same way. Added to this theme is a touch of comedy. Kenshin adds comedy by providing plenty of humorous filler episodes and Trigun succeeds by creating Vash to be this extreme baka. On the surface one might say that these two have nothing in common, but it is the stark opposite, they couldn't be more similar. I can almost guarantee that if you watched Trigun and liked it, you would also like Kenshin and vice versa. If not, you must have gone through some kind of mental unstability between watching them. ^_^
The Kenshin TV series and Trigun are both classic anime that deserve to be watched by any otaku. The lead characters, Kenshin and Vash, both have skill in battle above and beyond anything fathomable by most. They both also have dark secrets. Both are more than they first appear to be. While the stories in these two series can be heavily dramatic and serious at times, they also have many instances of humor (especially on the part of the lead characters). Not only do the main characters mirror one another, but their "sidekicks" are quite similar as well. Wolfwood and Sanosuke are both talented fighters who don't measure up to their friends, but can beat most. These support characters are the more stoic types (Wolfwood is moreso than Sanosuke, howeve) who balance the light-hearted attitudes of the leads. The action in both shows is fun to watch, the character designs (appearance and characterization) fascinating, the plots thick, and the humor delightful. Both series have very similar story patterns and their atmospheres are very reminiscient of one another.
Two great stories about two heros who vow to protect the weak without taking a human life. If you love Kenshin you'll love Trigun, if you love Trigun you'll love Kenshin. Pretty simple hmm.
Rurouni Kenshin and Trigun are most clearly related through their protagonists. Kenshin and Vash share a violent brand of pacifism, and the gentler side of their dual personas are distinctly 'boke' in nature - always the butt of slapstick humour. Another, less positive, link is that both series are prone to pseudo-science - losing some of the magic of the story in giving silly 'scientific' explanations.
Vash and Kenshin both have a tiny problem. Everyone seems to want them dead, except for their closest friends. Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin are both very action oriented anime with a heavy dose of humor. I'm quite certain that if you like one, you'll appreciate the other.
The protagonists are very similar in many ways, with a sort of dark past they are trying to make up for, and an approach to not try and kill anyone..... you should definitely enjoy the characters and stories in both cases.

Vash and Kenshin are similar in that they're both pacifists who will not hesitate to turn into unstoppable warriors to prevent people from getting hurt. If you liked Trigun, you'd like Kenshin.


Although the settings of these two series are very different, their main characters are very much alike. Some of the supporting characters are also mirrored in these two anime. Ex: Trigun's Wolfwood and Kenshin's Sanosuke.

Throughout both of these anime Vash and Kenshin, while great fighters, are advocates of peace who despise killing. If you liked the action, comedy or even just the characters of Trigun, you're sure to like Rurouni Kenshin.


Although this is oft-repeated, I wanted to add a vote to this recommendation. Both Kenshin and Trigun share a ruthless, murderous samurai (or a gunman in Trigun) who is well known for his past violence, despite his kind-hearted nature. Both have vowed not to kill, and use their weapons to only harm or stop wrong-doers - not to kill them. Both are recommended for action addicts.


Both Kenshin and Trigun are filled with nice action, some comedy, and even some drama. They have a very similar main character who has a dark past, has decided to never kill anyone, and is very proficient in the weapon of his choice.


Although the settings are quite different, the nature of both leading characters remains basically the same. Kenshin Himura (also known as Battusai or simply, the "Manslayer) is on a quest for attonement. Vash, known as The Human Stampede, has an obscure past as well. The similarities are just stricking. A good story, unforgetable characters and a mix of humor and strickingly serious subjects will mostly keep you interested since both series are a must-see because of their "classic" status.

On a side note, you may want not to see Rurouni Kenshin after the end of the Kioto saga, since the story deviates from the original manga, and it kinda (if not horribly) sinks.


There is plenty of action and a fun story line that unfolds as you watch every entertaining episode! It's a must watch if you like figting scenes and some goofy scenes as well!! A+


Both series have the main character being unbelievably strong, yet they do not use their strength for show or money or power, they use it to protect those in need, to fight and stand up for the weak, with the least amount of bloodshed as possible.

Both have excellent stories to tell and great action and hilarious moments, you'll love both series!


Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) and Vash (Trigun) both seek for peaceful life, and try to find a way to get rid of their sin (personal) and pain that they suffer from loosing their most cherished being. If you like the kind heart behind their deadly strenght, yet struggling with melancoly, which stands to protect true kindness, you will surely like both animes.


Replace the gun with a sword, blond hair with red and crimson jacket with a scar on the left cheek, and you'll make Rurouni Kenshin out of Trigun.


Both series are about someone who wants to save humans at all cost, they both fight for it, and both are extremely tough to defeat. Both series also have a good form of comedy so you'd definetly find the other series good as well.


The main hero of both of these shows have a superhuman ability to protect people and they both have promised not to kill. Also they both provide the central comic relief of the series. The feel of both shows, along with their age/animation style is also very similar.


in both shows their chaters are a like in way they both want to save the people they like even if they have diffftent styes of fighting. Kenshin with his sword and Trigun withy guns. Both of them have a terriable past that sat at the bottom of their hearts u know when u watch the shows. In Kenshin  the truth is found out with the 6 ova series, it is a sequal to the 95 eps if u didnt know. As for the Trigun series his past is in the show its self. but watch both them they both great shows


For started Vash and Kenshin are very similar characters they both are rather notorious and don't wish to kill anyone anymore.  Beyond that they also have a very similar style in storytelling in that when the situation becomes serious the characters grow serious as well but for most of the other time they are not so serious but they end up being more adding some comedy to the situations.  If you liked one then you'll probably like the other.


Both brilliant series with great stories and pretty similar main characters. Both are pacifists but have another, more dangerous side when they are pushed.

Both shows also have serious moments along with light-hearted slapstick. Fans of one should enjoy the other.


Both protagonists appear childish and carefree from the start but have this dark past they must face constantly throughout the series.  These two animes (mangas as well) are incredible and must sees in the anime realm.


Both shows give a similar feeling, despite having great differences in setting and plot. However, both are being lead by what seem to be unbeatable characters, with pasts covered by shadow and a strong will of justice. In addition, they're famous shows of the 90's and a companion of the leading character carries a big ass weapon in each one of them.


The main characters Kenshin(Rurouni Kenshin) and Vash(Trigun) are so similar to one another, but distinct enough that you won't feel like the exact same story is being told.  Both characters refuse to kill and behind their goofy or gentle exterior there is the pain that comes from their past.


I think Trigun is actually much more similar to Kenshin rather than Cowboy Bebop. The main characters are really similar and badass, though they often hide this by acting stupid and have a policy of not killing. The feel of it is a little different, but that's what makes it worth to watch the other.


Although plot of both animes are quite different but personalities of Kenshin and Bash are quite similar ,if you like one you will definitly like other


It's just like Trigun, but with swords. Vash and Kenshin both "act" like dumbasses but they are always a few steps ahead of their enemies. Defintly my top 2 favourite animes :)

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Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood

In a post-apocalyptic future, Abel Nightroad does occasional dangerous work for the Vatican, to whom he is extremely loyal. While the apocalyptic war has long been over, humanity is still entrenched in a shadow war against the vampires. Lady Catherine, the leader of his operations group "AX," seeks to prevent a renewed full-scale conflict, but there are many forces on both sides bent towards war. As Abel and the rest of AX try to stop this, he encounters a young girl who will be the key to humanity's survival or demise. Now, Abel must not only fight for humanity, but also try to face his regrettable past...

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If there ever was a carbon copy of a main character, it's Abel (copied from Trigun's Vash). Both polarize between being an extremely goofy and aloof person to a quiet and semi-badass. In both cases, the two extremes end up being (in my opinion) far too different to be plausible and consequently end up being annoying. Regardless, Trinity Blood is like Trigun with vampires.


Both shows are quite different except for the protaginists from each mirror each other almost perfectly. They way they act, their ideals, and the things that haunt them. For this alone you should try the other if you liked one.


If you liked Vash's bipolar character, and are interested in seeing what he would be like in a darker, vampire-filled environment, check out Trinity Blood. Trinity Blood is like a combination of Hellsing and Trigun. TB's Abel and Trigun's Vash have the same goofy appearance, which makes everyone think they're just bumbling fools. Then when they get down to business, they're suddenly the most skilled fighters around and sport new badass looks. Abel also reflects Vash's desire not to kill and to 'all just get along,' although I'd say Vash's is a stronger resolution. To round out the similaries, both characters have a mysterious nemesis from their past they must ultimately confront. I think Trinity Blood is a bit more violent/gory though, so if you just want a more light-hearted series, it might not be for you.


As others have already pointed out, if you like Vash in Trigun, it would be pretty hard for you not to like Abel in Trinity Blood. Just like Vash, Abel is goofy and bumbling, right up until he has to whip out the mojo to fight a real baddie. Both characters also have brother issues, a drive to protect mankind, and a great power that causes them inner turmoil.


Trigun and Trinity Blood are basically the same stories, with the same basic lead character, and a different world. Sure, they each sound different, and the plot seems to go in a different direction, but it always ends up in the same place: the overly (to the point of ridiculousness) kind protagonist (who is exceptionally skilled and powerful) saves the day with no casualties, changing the world one life at a time. But there is one being (his peer out of the distant past) seeking to destroy everything who he is, and he must once again face this being.

I guess it's a good formula, but it's definitely a formula.


Well, Trinity Blood is pretty much a mixture of Trigun and Hellsing in story, and the male lead has a comparable personality as well. Trinity Blood pulls off a slightly longer story, but Vash > Abel.


Abel (Trinity Blood) and Vash (Trigun) are both very weak, lazy, and seem to be uncool; yet in fact, they are both powerful and very cool. The darkness of their respective pasts is another factor that makes them relate to each other.


Obviously this connection has been made before, but if you liked TriGun for Vash, then chances are you will like Trinity Blood for Abel, and vice versa. Abel is a blatant copy of Vash, as both come off as bumbling fools and have great power that they are hesitant to use and even fear. There is also a female character in both shows who acts as the head of reason for the male protagonist's foolishness.


In both Trinity Blood and Trigun, the main protagonist is clumsy and foolish, but is in fact very powerful and intelligent. He comes from a superior race, but is coexisting with normal humans and is desperate to protect them, and not harm his enemies. Also, both characters have a very similar history and tragedies in their pasts. They are at first misunderstood, but as people get to know them they realize that the main characters are very kind and caring people who refuse to use their powers unless it is for the sake of others.


Trigun and Trinity Blood center around main characters who act like the goofy comic relief, but when in a bind turn into the serious hero, all the while having to deal with the problems that come from keeping their promises not to kill anyone. But just because they can't kill, doesn't mean these anime don't have plenty of action.


Both Trigun and Trinity Blood have main characters that are extremely goofy, are unlikely heroes who wish not to kill anyone, and have unrealistic ideologies. However, when things get serious the characters completely change into serious fighters who will do anything to stop people from getting hurt. While the tones may differ these two series feel very familiar.


If you like the characters' that is one side serious and another funny, and if you like the themes 'to protect human from harm' and 'love and peace', these are the anime you have to watch.

Furthermore, both has a similar back story to start their journey: Two brothers (twin) with two different understandings fight and seek for justice upon the death of his beloved one, and to protect the next one. And hoping one day, to be forgiven.


I can't really do this without giving up spoilers but let's just say that the protagonists in both series are goofy easy going guys who can turn totally badass serious when needed. Both series have similar themes and overall plot. Both lead characters come from mysterious origins and are put in a position of responsibility over the human race. I pretty much felt like I was watching the same series as Trigun when I watched Trinity Blood. They both combine serious mystery, shonen action, and slapstick comedy in all the right ways.


Post Apocaliptic Worlds, a confused humanity, present day technologies considered like some sort of magic no one knows about anymore, lots of guns, a goofy-funny- well intended main character with a misterious past and lots of hidden powers. Whom in this world does not like any of these things O.O I wonder? So in case you heard anything you like, well you are indeed in the right way to watch a really good series.


I first watched Trinity blood because a friend reccommended it to me because I like Blood+.  But when I saw the first episode, all I could think of was how much it reminded me of Trigun.  Well, first of all, the main characters, Abel and Vash are very similar in their everyday personalities.  Both goofy and loveable, but also incredibly powerful and dangerous beings.  There are also somewhat similar supporting characters who balance the main guys out.

The differences being that Trinity Blood is alot darker and quite a bit more bloody and violent.  Trinity Blood is like Trigun but darker, and vith vampires.


Trigun and Trinity Blood are eerily similar in their tones, several of the characters, and the overall story arc. A man with a mysterious, yet painful past that tries to hide behind a mask of innocence? An eventual plot to destroy all of humanity? Mayhem and charnage wherever the main character goes?

Despite their similarities, the two shows do differ enough that you won't feel as you are rehashing something you have already seen. If you enjoyed one, try the other.


The main character in both series appears to be a bumbling idiot most of the time, but when trouble comes calling they both reveal that they have superhuman level abilities. The worlds each series takes place in also both have a similar steampunk-ish feel.


If ever there were two shows that were more alike than these twon they were probably the same show. Both shows feature the a happy-go-lucky protagonists who are secretly total badasses who have lived for millennia and were part of a plan to colonise another planet to save the remainig human population. Both Vash and Abel have vowed never to kill but insist of saving the world from the udder anhilation that their brothers intend to bring upon humanity. That's not all both the loveable traveling monk and the inoccent outlaw are followed by a rather peculiar entourage of women, that are well some what important to the story. heck even their names are alike TRIgun TRInity blood.SO...gosh i'm longwinded...if your a TRIGUN fan (and really who isn't) give trinity blood a watching  or if your love Abel Nightroad and haven't yet watched the japanese animation masterpiece that is trigun i suggest that your start watching it immediately, what are you doing still wasting your time reading this recomendation start watchin TRIGUN now!


Both male leads have somewhat mysterious backgrounds that have lead them to be how they are when the story takes place.  They both also share similar styles in storytelling in that for the most part the characters retain this somewhat goofy manner but then quickly change into being somewhat badasses.  There are other numerous similarties between the two that is quite obvious.  So if you liked one then you should check out the other.


You would definitely like Trigun if you've seen Trinity Blood [and vice versa]. Both main characters have a dark past and are capable of devastating power. Both Vash [Trigun] and Abel [Trinity Blood] bring comic relief while also gradually becoming more serious as the series goes on. I found both series to be quite entertaining and I'm certain that if you liked one you'll like the other! ^_^v


Trigun and Trinity Blood are similar. The main character is a fairly goofy man with a large appetite, who, in moments of crisis becomes a warrior. The plot, when it surfaces, is also fairly similar. The only difference is replacing vampires with a western or vice versa.


Both animes are different except the main characters, because Abel is certainly a rip off of Vash. His personality and everything alse (except his outlook) is exact copy of Vash. So you can watch Trinity Blood if you want to see a copy of Vash being a baka priest xD

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Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

Gene Starwind and Jim Hawkins make a living on various jobs and bounties. While waiting for their ticket to hit it big time, a mysterious woman named Hilda leaves them with a key to the puzzle of finding a starship of great power, known only as the Outlaw Star. What are these long lost spaceships and what is the Galactic Leyline?

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Outlaw Star was one of the first anime series i ever watched. Very good anime styles. Dark funny and heart squeezing. Gene Starwind and his ragtag team of shipmates made a great anime series. I would recommend this series to anyone who love Scifi anime with a twist.
The plot structure is quite similar while the plot of these is very different. First some independent episodes and then concentrates on the main story.
Trigun on speed. Less quality, more action and magic. The same lighthearted feel in the lighthearted episodes, a tad more so in some. I dont feel Outlaw Star ever gets to the height of drama that is on the end of Trigun, but I still think the series as a whole is a bit similar.
Both animes are about bounty hunters that make friends with people that will change their lives forever; Melfina in Outlaw Star and Vash the Stampede in Trigun.
A modern cowboy and a space ship, what could they have to do with each other? Well, Gene Starwind and Vash the Stampede are my 2 heros, they are just way cooler and beyond any other anime hero i know. The shows themselves have the same build up, loose eps with some fights and comedy, ending up in a final clash. Both great shows !

Trigun and Outlaw Star have different themes but have very similar awe-inspiring gunfights. The connection between these two is mainly the science fiction-like look on space and different planets, as well as the life on those planets.


Trigun and Outlaw Star have the same feel to it. Both take place in a sci-fi context with plenty of gun-fights and whacky moments thrown in for good measure. The hero is a somewhat devil-may-care sort of person and these series cater to the same mood more often than not. However, Outlaw Star is mostly tongue in cheek while Trigun becomes increasingly darker and more serious in its later episodes.


Outlaw Star and Trigun, while significantly different in terms of plot, setting, and characters (excepting the Anten 7 / Gung-Ho Guns), seem to share the same type of enthusiastic charm.  In both, the heroes are repeatedly dragged haphazardly into various situations, with a more consequential overarching plot moving forward in bits and pieces, primarily after the mid-point of both series.  So, in terms of mood and structure, Outlaw Star and Trigun seem quite similar.  If you enjoyed one, the other might be worth a shot.


both animes involve a guy who fights for what he believes is right, as they have many adventures and overcome difficulties


I feels like Outlaw star is more action packed Trigun. They have simmilar animation, kind of humor and ar somehow placed in a distant sci-fi future...


Both while different in that Outlaw Star deals a lot more with space ships and just general Sci-fi things and Trigun gives off a lot more western feel to it they are similar in that they both have guns fights, similar styles of humor, and generally take place on a foreign planet or planets.  Also in both cases the main antagonists have some connection to one or more members of the groups past.


These series are extremely simlar in many aspects. The art style, the story, the main character, and the western type themes bring these series very close to one another.


Trigun and Outlaw Star share many commonalities; mostly in the character department.  They focus around a main character who is an "undercover good guy", so to speak.  Someone who is rough around the edges.  They both have that old school-like anime feel to them that makes them so worthwhile and the plot lines, while differing, are both remarkable.  Even though they're different, it almost feels the same.


Both of these 90's anime series take place in outer space and include lots of action and similar humour. I personally enjoyed Outlaw Star more, but if you like one, you should find the other appealing as well.


I love both of these shows! Triguin being my favorite of all anime and outlaw star iin the top 10. The stories on both are really good. If your a fan of futuristic unknown worlds then these are the shows to watch.


Both anime have a gunslinging happy-go-lucky protagonist with hidden depths traveling in a futuristc Western society (Outlaw Star more so). They both have a similar mood, focusing mainly on action and comedy along with more introspective segments. Based on these similarities, I think anyone that liked the either would like the other.



In an era where guns are replacing swords, samurai are desperately trying to keep their ideals alive, though many become honorless mercenaries in desperation. Yajiro Kojima is one such mercenary who led an average life until running across the beautiful Rushyuna Tendo, an expert gun wielder (known as a senshi, or Enlightened One) who upholds one ideal above all others: never kill, simply destroy one's will to fight. Together, the duo travel the world encountering dangerous enemies and bathhouses galore, all while removing their adversaries' "armor" with a smile!

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Trigun and Grenadier are very alike with great, even superb, gun-shooting action. The main characters have a great style of shooting as well. Grenadier has more fanservice, though.  

Trigun is obviously the better of these 2 series but you really can see the resemblance. They are both gun toting adventures that are very light hearted and humerous. I think you will definatly like Trigun if you've watched Grenadier. Trigun has alot more to offer for the same style of anime. Plus where as Grenadier stayed pretty consistant in its story Trigun gets rather dramatic halfway through which makes its story very appealing.
If you like the gunfights in Grenadier, you might like Trigun. There are quite a few difference between the two series though. There is no fanservice in Trigun, no CG art and the main character is a male. You will also not see the samurai aspect back, which you might have liked in Grenadier either. Trigun, however, does have a somewhat more intruiging story and somewhat more humor. Also. if you liked Trigun and want to see some more advanced bullettime effects as well as some more visual, though more brainless pleasure, don't hestitate to check out Grenadier.

Both series center on gunslingers who are preternaturally skillful with a gun, but who don't want to actually kill anyone. Vash of Trigun is a walking disaster, likeably innocent in many ways, but someone with a dark secret which could very well lead to the end of the world. Rushuna of Grenadier is also very childlike, but she has a serious, intelligent side that crops up when the going gets tough. She, like Vash, is also the lynchpin through which the world will either be saved or descend into darkness.

In both cases, it is the characters, far more than the stories themselves, that breathe life into the individual series. Both the leads and the secondary characters are intriguing and fun to watch in action. Neither series is brilliant, but both are entertaining. If you like one, it's hard to see you not enjoying the other. One caveat: if you're not into fan service, that may mean you won't enjoy Grenadier. Rushuna is well endowed, and the animators take pains to play on that characteristic.


You will love Trigun and Grenadier! Each of the main characters is a good-hearted traveler who encounters friendship and trouble along their path. Both characters rely on their trusty guns in a passive way, never killing the enemy, only injuring or disarming. To me, both anime have almost a western feel to them, regardless of what era they are set in.


Vash and Yajiro Kojima have both one thing in common. They won't kill anyone. Vash will even give first-aid to his enemies if he thinks that he shot them in a vital area. Yajiro Kojima believes in the ultimate battlestrategy; which is making her enemy give up the fight through tricks and skills.

Strangely though is that these two humanists are both expert marksmans when it comes down to using guns.


Both series are about a peace-loving master gunners.Each have a personal goal and follow the ideal that fights don't have to be won with fighting and the world would be better off if people learned that lesson. There is also much comedy and awe-inspiring fight scenes to be found in either.

There's a good chance that a liking of one could be carried over to the other.


Trigun and Grenadier are two of my favorite shows to watch. Both have the same philosophy shoot only to hurt not to kill, to spread love and peace, and to make everyone's lives better for it. Tirgun has an excellent voice cast as the main player Johnny Young Bosh while his friend Sam Regal is the main male lead in Grenadier. The animation for both shows is outstanding as even though Trigun was done in the late 90's. Other than there common themes of love, peace and unity there are a few things that set them apart. One is that Grinder is filled with a bit of fan services and is brought up in the series. Trigun is more for the religious person as well as the action one. It questions the idea of though shall not kill and morals of the characters and their actions in the show. If you like comedy, action, love, and just plain good anime than this is for you.


While Trigun goes with a male badass, Grenadier goes with a female booby. But there personalities are similar: even though they are highly skilled shooter, they don't want to kill nor hurt anyone and avoid problems whenever possible, but they are more like trouble magnets... Go and watch this one now!


Grenadier is also an anime about a kind person bearing a gun yet with no intention of taking anyone's life, but rather with strong faith in the possibility to "save both the spider and the butterfly".

Rushyuna Tendo, the main character of Grenadier, is a girl, and quite noticeably so. Still the fanservice does not undermine the basic moral ideals the characters propagate.


Both Trigun and Grenadier, are focused around a character who is not only blonde and comical. But also believes in complete pacifism, although they're both pros with pistols.

Both result in comical situations which are a great laugh, although trigun has a lot more of a serious; sometimes depressing side to it, Grenadier focuses more on the funny side of similar ideals.


Tehy are both about strange travelers who are chased, use guns to fight, but wants peace and love in the world.


While Trigun has a longer and deeper story, and Grenadier has a more feel good story with more "fan service", they are very simular. Both main characters are expert marksmen in super human ways and both carry the whole "Fight without killing" attitude and are trying to change the world. Which one you like better is up to you, but I recommend both.


The lead protagonists share the same "Don't hurt anyone" mantra, as well as sharing the same paradoxical world renowned sharp-shooting skills.

Humour features heavily in both, though Grenadier is usually more typical echii comedy and Trigun tends to be more slapstick.

While Trigun's story has far more depth to it, Grenadier still has a decent tale to string things together.


Trigun and Grenadier are both about marksman who are extremely deadly with a pistol, but are nice to civilians. Both have an upbeat comedy tone to them, so if you liked one you'll like the other.

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