Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~

OVA (4 eps)
2.485 of 5 from 516 votes
Rank #4,747

Fiasse Christella is a renowned singer, adored by her fans and her students at the Christella Music Academy. The time of Fiasse's highly anticipated world tour is approaching quickly, but this year, her popularity is finally showing a dark side: death threats from an anonymous assailant who desires her hidden inheritance. Joined by her personal bodyguard and a deadly duo from her past, Fiasse and her choir set out with the show, but will they live long enough to perform the opening act?

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Sheex's avatar by Sheex on May 23, 2008
Score 5.8/10

Perhaps it's the fact that my initial impressions of Triangle Heart are some four, nearly five, years old, but I was disappointed upon revisiting this (relatively speaking) older title.  For some reason I remembered the story being more fluid, the dialogue less generic, and the overall presentation more solid, but in actuality it doesn't possess much originality at all; even so, it... read more

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