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Alt titles: Mutekioh Tri-Zenon

Tri-Zenon main image
2.173 out of 5 from 33 votes
Rank #4,519


Akira Kamui, Ai Kamui and their father have a serious problem: debt! Akira and Ai steal a family heirloom treasure map to keep the spoils for themselves, but an unfortunate distraction occurs: their city, Chitose, becomes the battleground for the military and an invading race of aliens! Falling into the lair of the treasure itself, the giant mecha Tri-Zenon, Akira, Ai and their friend Kanna now find themselves in the adventure of a lifetime: protecting Earth from the powers of Zenon Palace!


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Name Role
Naomi MIYATA Character Design
Takashi WATANABE Director
Kenji KAWAI Music
Toshimichi OOTSUKI Producer

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Want to Watch AnimeObsessed 218 Jul 1, 2010
bau haw incorporated 303 Aug 2, 2009
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Magma watched Tri-Zenon at 22 of 22 episodes
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Admittedly, Slayers and Tri-Zenon don't seem to have anything in common; however, they were made by some of the same players! Thus, though Tri-Zenon appears at first glance to be a mecha series, it really is a comedic jaunt about a few bumbling or wacky characters. Both it and Slayers have a similar tone and feel, and will appeal to the same fans.

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