Transformers: Armada

Alt title: Transformers Micron Densetsu

TV (52 eps)
2.791 of 5 from 1,006 votes
Rank #4,285
Transformers: Armada

The war between the Cybertrons and Destrons rages on planet Seibetron for the sake of controlling the microns, mini Transformers that can link with the bigger Transformers and give them unbeatable powers. Realising that the war is due to them, the microns were sent out to deep space by the Cybertrons on a Cybertron shuttle. The Destrons go in pursuit the shuttle but the shuttle managed to escape and crash-landed on earth. After 4 million years, 3 young brats accidentally activated the mysterious micron ship thus sending signals to both Cybertrons & Destrons. The war between the Cybertrons & the Destrons once again rages on earth to control the microns, thus revealing many mysteries of the universe including the dark force, Unicron.

Source: ANN

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Neon1988 Jan 3, 2011
Score 4/10

Transformers Armada   Story: 5/10   Before anything, I would like to state a couple of things: Throughout all of my reviews – either written or to be written – I try to be as objective as possible despite including my personal beliefs and feelings towards the reviewing series or movie. Well… 1984’s Transformers is an American cartoon series I’ve grown up with since my... read more

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