Training with Hinako

Alt titles: Isshoni Training



KiraRin's avatar By KiraRin on Nov 1, 2009


What do the words “otaku” and “geek” conjure to mind when thinking of a person? A spotty, overweight guy sitting in his mother’s basement? A scrawny hikikomori lounging in a computer chair? The modern world is constantly concerned with obesity and exercise, and these groups of people are amongst the most difficult to stimulate into physical exertion. But couch-potatoes be worried no longer, as Studio Hibari have the solution in the shapely form of Hinako and Isshoni Training!

From a bewildering opening seeing a young girl sucked into a television, the comely female becomes an anime star who takes the viewer through a daily exercise routine in various states of undress. Rewarding perverted perseverance, Hinako completes numerous repetitions of squats and sit-ups, initially in sweatpants and a t-shirt. As the sweat starts to drip, the attire is soon stripped down to shorts and a vest (and anyone with a keen eye will notice the absence of mammary support). Those who have the stamina to go the whole way with the willing buxom babe will be rewarded with the sight of the same strenuous exercises performed in adorable, if not a little scant, underwear.

Although questionable if Isshoni Training employs any plotline whatsoever, there is still plenty to keep the viewer engrossed. Marvel as Hinako successfully counts her training partner through each set of reps; gawk as the camera moves to various angles to best demonstrate how to perform successfully and breathe a sigh of relief as you finally fall to the bed: panting, exhausted and quite literally spent.


Bouncing breasts – this is pretty much the show's only outstanding spectacle. A barrage of numerous camera angles, various skimpy costumes and astounding gravity that somehow keeps the ample cleavage from spilling out is definitely eye-catching. How one scant strappy top can keep Hinako’s undulating chest from causing irreparable back problems is beyond me – then again, that's not what generally travels through the typical male's mind. Overlooking “the twins”, which is extremely difficult, the main character's wide-eyed innocence is flawless and accompanied by a pleasantly bright palette. Isshoni Training's only let down is the constant repetition of its movement – but seriously, what else can you expect from a glorified exercise video?


Hinako is perky and spunky; her girlish, idol-like tones encouraging the viewer to keep pumping away in time with her tireless rhythm. Building up to an exciting climax, you can hear the strenuous stretches starting to tire out the female protagonist and her trembling puppies. Moaning and whimpering her way through each bend and stretch, her performance verges on seductively orgasmic. Although not the best voice acting in anime, she will certainly entertain her target audience.


With a one track mind, Hinako is looking for nothing but the opportunity to work up a good sweat and get out of breath during her 24 minute showcase. Do not expect any deep character development or engrossing storyline, as there is none. Just sit back and enjoy the view rather than the company.


In all honesty, Isshoni Training should be saluted for attempting to bring physical stimulation to the anime community. Ultimately nothing but eye candy and fluff, the direction is essentially skewed away from a full body workout and more towards numerous repetitions of wrist exercise. I’m trying to avoid saying that this OVA is playing the ecchi anime card to get viewers, but it is. When more than 50% of the show features close-ups of Hinako's impressive rack, the show loses all credibility as a serious attempt to break the anime/exercise barrier. Just goes to prove, sex most definitely sells.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
papcorp's avatar By papcorp on Oct 28, 2009


Well... I know this is another "Training with.." "vhs tape" ;) but I must admit it- I DO EXPECTED SOME STORY. You think I'm crazy cause of this? Hell no! It's anime, and I know (and you I think also know) that people in Japan are nuts :)

So yeah I did expect they would put some incredibly funny hilarious story into it. I just watched a wicked hentai series and boy the story was so friggin fantasy epic I just couldn't stop laughing:D If a poor hentai anime can have funny and interesting story why typical "Training with.." doesn't have it? At least they could have explained why Hinako is getting more and more undressed ;)

What we get instead is something like Video Girl Ai girl (the only flashback I got from watching Hinako).


Well, we all know what is the purpose of this anime. Obviously it's not to make us all slim and healthy;) When we are watching this kind of anime we're transforming into Kamesenin from Dragon Ball. We sit in front of the TV on the floor drooling our nice carpet in overwhelmed happiness.

To aquire that state the animation must be perfect and real nice looking. I think they did good job with Hinako. Animation enhances all her moves, the closeups are interesting and satisfying (for people who need them) and the overall work is nicely animated. Althoug I do find it all looking a bit too "cartoon". Personally, I think if it would been done in more like GITS or Perfect Blue style it would be better (I just use those two title for a big contrast). Instead it kinda reminds me of cheap childlish anime (no offence). But the detail level is much bigger than in Pokemon.


What can I say? There are SOUNDS and there is MUSIC. That is all. The music is fine and it keeps the style of the whole anime. Sounds are just sounds (pant pant, crotch crotch and others). It's fine, you can't expect more from this anime.


The one and only is Hinako, she doesn't even have a cat or any other pet so no fun here. She acts normal, no funny voice, no untypical mimics/bevavious. She is just a normal girl. Although I must admit that she is kinda retarded in my opinion. That's her only feature I picked up. It's true she could have been more developed (as I said in the story section, they could have done it better) but not all people (maybe only me) desire well developed (not physically) character.


Overall I just sit through the whole anime because I was interested what's in the end. Sorry for spoiler but.. NOTHING. It just ends :) I heard (or should I say "I read") that this anime was really selled as exercise video in Japan. If we consider it only in this category I must admit it's an original idea to make anime version but if only for that purpose I would add more dynamic music. And why didn't they make other parts?

2/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall
galacticdude7's avatar By galacticdude7 on Apr 25, 2010


Even though I cannot give my usual complaint of the fanservice getting in the way of the plot, which I cannot because the fanservice is the plot. But beyond the fanservice as the only thing that gives Training with Hinako a reason to exist, it was extremely boring. I could not believe how boring it was. It was more boring than the "In to the West" unit I had in my A.P. American History class, and believe me that was really boring. I find excersise boring to begin with, what makes them think that it is going to be any more entertaining watching some faceless female character with large boobs do the same stuff over and over again. The fanservice loses its appeal after about five minutes, and I was left there constantly checking the time remaining to see how much more boredom that I would have to face. It is extremely repeatitive and boring. However I do give it credit for breaking the fourth wall, which I am almost always a fan of.


There was nothing really special about the animation of Training with Hinako, but I don't think I've ever seen an anime where they actually reached the point that the boobs were shown more than the face.


Hinako is the only character in the entire series, and frankly, she wasn't that interesting. Sure I found her situation to be unique, but they could have done the same thing with any faceless, well endowed female character. There was nothing that really made her a unique individual.


Training with Hinako is too boring for words to describe effectively. Do not watch it.

0.5/10 story
4/10 animation
?/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
1/10 overall
SeiyaManG's avatar By SeiyaManG on Oct 30, 2009

The words "Worthless" and "Hilarous" come to mind when I watched this. I only even attempted to watch this because I found the idea of an anime based solely around a girl "Jazzercising" to be undeniably funny. It did suprise me a little bit with what seemed like an attempt at a story-line. But soon after that the show got to the real business at hand: Boobs. A whole 4 handfuls of 'em. The only thing that gets a workout from watching this show are your eyes from the constant motion of her boobs. It was funny for a little bit, and then it was repetitive, and then I stopped caring. They tried to keep it interesting by having her change outfits but that didn't really help by the end.

The story gets a 1 because it was far-fetched and stupid.

The animation gets a 9 because it was actually very very good. Despite how it was being used.

The sound gets a 2 because there was some level of talent required to voice an annoying anime-girl with a high-pitched whiny voice.

Characters gets a 1 because there was 1 character. And she wasn't a good one. Unless you count her boobs, which makes 3 characters. And if you go that route the boobs were really the ones with the character depth.

So overall my awesome math tells me it averages out to a 3/10.

It was worth a few laughs at first, but then it get's repetitive, and then it's just stupid.

Time I cannot get back, watch just about anything else, unless you're looking for a cheap PG masturbatory aid.

1/10 story
9/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
Doommuks's avatar By Doommuks on Oct 27, 2009

This is actualy quite old...... i wached it like 6 or 7 months ago, and it has 6 or 7 episode (cant realy remeber) its basicly just a girl with nice curves doing some exercise and thats basicly all that it is.....

4/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall