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Toward the Terra

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Five hundred years ago, mankind abandoned Earth after the devastation it caused on her soil. For efficiency, and to make sure not to repeat the same mistakes, men are now grown in test tubes and have their minds reprogrammed at the tender age of fourteen, so that they may better function in society. The central computer known as Universal Control manages the system, destroying those that deviate. And amongst these humans is Jomy Marcus Shin, a young man who is about to be dubbed a traitor once they discover he is a Mu, a monster with telepathic powers that will disrupt their way of life...

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Toward the Terra TV TV 2007 Same Franchise Both the Toward the Terra movie and TV series are based on the original manga. The movie more closely follows the manga, while the TV series introduces a large amount of new content and character development.

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
To Terra 1977 Original Manga Between the Toward the Terra movie and TV series, the movie is the closest adaptation of the manga, though it does introduce minor changes.
Name Role
Masami SUDA Character Design
Hideo ONCHI Director
Masaru SATO Music
Keiko TAKEMIYA Original Manga Creator
Chiaki IMADA Producer

Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Toward the Terra sothis 5.5/10 Aug 6, 2005

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Must Watch List (2013) AkumaSama 38 Mar 15, 2013
Recs <3 AnnabelleRoxayne 86 Dec 13, 2012
all my anime #1 ANIMEamber 659 Sep 3, 2012

Recommendations if you like Toward the Terra

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Mobile Suit Gundam I

Mobile Suit Gundam I
  • Movie (1 ep x 140 min)
  • 1981

It is Universal Century 0079, a time when the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon are locked in a bitter war over independence. Having just completed the prototype mobile suits known as Gundam, the space colony Green Noah finds itself under attack from the enemy – inadvertently plunging fifteen-year-old Amuro Ray into the cockpit of a Gundam. Now assigned to the new assault carrier White Base, both Amuro and other Gundam pilots must survive the vicious battles of Zeon as the war rages on. Amuro will soon see the true nature of war; will it consume him, or awaken something from within?

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Toward the Terra is an older space opera film that attempts to tell a story of epic scale; involving two sides warring under the shadow of a thoroughly wrecked Earth; our hero being a young boy having been seperated from his parents and found a key role thrust upon him. I can say the same thing for the Mobile Suit Gundam film trilogy, although they do this far better then the Terra title.

Although by different studios and staff, both this Terra film and Gundam have a strikingly similar visual style, keying into a classic anime depiction of space opera.

The length of the Gundam trilogy and the fact it does no need to jump over any decades allows it to tell its story of space war reasonably well and generally in a more entertaining fashion then this film. Whether you genuinely liked Toward the Terra - or wanted to and were disappointed - I'd recommend checking this trilogy out.

Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight

Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight
  • Movie (1 ep x 140 min)
  • 1985

It is the year 2099, and laser-driven photon ships roam the galaxy in search of intrigue and wonder. On a search for discoveries, the newly-built Starlight set out on its maiden voyage, only to run across a mysterious young woman and a strange alien message which only she can decipher. Following intricate clues which hint at the origins of civilization as we know it, the crew of the Starlight now set off for a distant galaxy where their destiny, as well as the future of humankind, lies in wait...

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Odin and Toward the Terra are both very interesting sci fi stories which have a slower pace, but unique message. In addition, if you enjoy older things, both of these will make your day. If you liked one, why not try the other?