Towa no Quon 1: Utakata no Kaben

Movie (1 ep x 47 min)
4.023 of 5 from 1,922 votes
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In a futuristic Tokyo, humans who have awakened distinct powers are being hunted by a secret organization named Kestos. Denominated as Attracters, these exceptional individuals are joining forces to defend themselves.

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Vague's avatar by Vague on Dec 30, 2011
Score: 9/10

I’m in love with this series. It may be my secret desire to have a secret power that no one else has that I can use to save the world…but I can’t help it, I love it. Yes it’s kind of silly at times and maybe even perhaps, lame…but in my opinion the rest of the show outweighs the lameness. Story 9/10 Like I previously mentioned, I’m a sucker for the super human powers... read more

Rbastid's avatar by Rbastid on Jun 14, 2015
Score: 5/10

A series consisting of 6, 45 minute, movies……isn't that just called a mini-series? Story - 5/10 Since everything is broken up into separate movies it's going to be pretty tough to rate them, as each only gives a bit of the story. For an introduction to the series, The Ephemeral Petal was pretty vague. We learned the basic concept the the "Attractors" but we've yet to learn... read more

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