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Touka Gettan

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2.117 out of 5 from 516 votes
Rank #4,483


Two thousand years ago, the stone sword known as Sekiken was involved in a tragedy that plunged the land of Kamitsumihara into chaos. Now, in the present, all the elements needed to perform a ritual to cleanse the land and end the endless cycle of reincarnation are available. Kamiazuka Touka, current holder of the Sekiken, meets Kawakabe Momoka, a young girl and reincarnate of the tragedy. During their brief time together, they must uncover the truth behind past events, try to lead a normal life, and learn what it’s like to be human.

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Name Role
Asako NISHIDA Character Design
Yuji YAMAGUCHI Director
Akifumi TADA Music

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Title Author Score Date
Touka Gettan Quizap 7.5/10 Aug 16, 2010
Touka Gettan Fireaxe 8.5/10 Oct 10, 2009
List Title Username Entries Date
anime order 10th rounds YamiRin 1138 Jan 20, 2014
next to watch marisama 133 Oct 25, 2013
Tertiary Undubbed MrMayonase 63 Sep 17, 2013
Tiranna wants to watch Touka Gettan
Tiranna wants to watch Touka Gettan
LuniaAngel stalled Touka Gettan anime at 2 of 26 episodes
LuniaAngel stalled Touka Gettan
tayubino rated the Touka Gettan anime 2/5 stars

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Well, first off, the two shows originate from visual novels made by the same company (ROOT). They also share the same director (Yuji Yamaguchi), music composer (Tada Akifumi), animation studio (Studio Deen) and character designer. Plus, the main characters from YamiBou return in Touka Gettan for a single episode, just enough to give you a glimpse of the world they live in. Both shows also use shoujo-ai as their main theme (and hints of incest, though it doesn't necessarily go far). They're both very underrated shows that most (if not all) shoujo-ai fan will love.